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  • Li Yuan
    Li Yuan wrote:

    Does anyone know any websites, which have latest movies I can watch online? And it's better not require to download anything to my computer. I used to go to hd.openv.com, but it changed everything and it doesn't have any movies anymore :S


  • Li Yuan
    Li Yuan wrote:

    well I could buy DVDs. But it costs so much in the US. my bf and I own over 600 DVDs. There is no more room in our entertainment room wall.

  • Stefan
    Stefan wrote:




  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)
  • Li Yuan
    Li Yuan wrote:
    Thank you so much guys:)
  • Daniel Westerberg


    But I don't know if you need a chinese IP to be able to watch or not..

  • Li Yuan
    Li Yuan wrote:

    juchang.com/movie is always direct me to the homepage nomatter what I clicked. Daniel, I guess u were right about the Chinese IP.

    About funshion.com, it's a very cool website. But it seems I need to download bunch of staff in order to watch a movie. My portablabe harddrive was broken. I guess I need a new one for downloading movies :) It is still cheaper than $50/mo cable bill :)

    Again...Thanks a lot! You guys have been very helpful :)

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    So you need to watch it online? Funshion works in a way that you can watch while it is being downloaded, and then you can of course delete it afterwards ...

    And yes, you will need to use its own software too (not sure what you meant by a bunch of stuff), but that does not take much space, it is the collection of TV series and movies that you will have to worry about later, heehee...

    Another one you could have a look, is verycd.com ...

  • Anette Staldvik

    funshion.com  is my favourite ...

  • Frastrated
    Frastrated wrote:
  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:

    Funshion doesn't take up a whole lot of space. It's worth downloading. You can also watch movies on Youku, but it is my understanding that copywrited stuff is blocked in the US, which takes most of the fun out of using Youku.

     Weeds season 6 and Dexter Season 5 are on Funshion. :-)


  • Hilde Kolkinn
    Hilde Kolkinn wrote:


  • Vanessa Iren Saglien


  • Li Yuan
    Li Yuan wrote:

    by bunch of staff I meant...after download the software and a movie, there are game software and some mp4 files appeared on my computer. But it's no big deal though :)

    "Weeds"...I heard lots of people liked it, but I have never watched it yet. Hopefully it's nothing about the drug weed or getting high :) I am very against illegal drug use.

    "Dexter" I am watching it on HBO or whatever network every week now (I didn't know it is online too...How amazing!!) I think this season it's pretty good so far. I have DVDs for other seasons, some of it put me to sleep :P It's just me...I'm a very straight forward and impatient person :D I heard lots of people love it :)

    Thank you everyone for all these wonderful websites and comments!

  • Simen Wangberg

    ""Weeds"...I heard lots of people liked it, but I have never watched it yet. Hopefully it's nothing about the drug weed or getting high :) I am very against illegal drug use."

    eheheheh. Uhhh. Maybe you shouldn't watch it (Weeds) then. Or anything else.

  • Li Yuan
    Li Yuan wrote:

    not all tv shows are about weed or get stoned.

  • Simen Wangberg

    "not all tv shows are about weed or get stoned."

    but they should be.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    weed? lawn mower?

    getting stoned? sounds like a bible story ...

  • Li Yuan
    Li Yuan wrote:

    there are reasons why governments in the US and other countries censor tv contains.

    Weed may not addictive as other drugs. But it's a gateway drug for most of people.

  • Simen Wangberg

    "getting stoned? sounds like a bible story..."

    Eh? What Bible you reading, dude? I might actually go to that service.

    "But it's a gateway drug for most of people."

    A gateway...to carpentry. Shit, now we're back to the religious aspect again. This thread is gettin' real silly with it. So here's Will Smith.

    Fuck it, let's get that cloud-baby guy in here too.

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    REIKO wrote:

    well : www.xiaoli.cc

    we use this a lot!

  • Da Chuan
    Da Chuan wrote:

    i  found out the website ..called"pipi.cn " its really nice webstie .go search for Lottery ticket movie .its awesome

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