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    Given the strong interests exhibited by users of this board, we are now posting more details regaridng a previous job ad.

    College Courses Instructor Needed!

    TopU College is a private, nonprofit, higher learning institution in China, fully supported by an education endowment, to offer high quality college or graduate level courses in English to talented and motivated students in China to help them gain exposure to American college classroom experiences. We are looking for motivated and talented instructors who share the same vision with TopU College, are willing to offer expertise in a chosen field, to make a difference in the education landscape in China.

    Currently, TopU College offers several types of not-for-profit courses:

    a) Academic English Courses in critical reading, analytical writing, and public speaking;

    b) Introductory College Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences such as Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and Education etc.;

    c) MBA Core Courses in Accounting, Finance, and Management etc., and

    d) Graduate Courses and Research Seminars

    Further Details:

    1. For course categories A) and B), candidates need to have at least a Bachelor's degree from a four-year college in the United States (or Europe). For MBA Core Courses, candidates need to have relevant working experiences and advanced degree in related fields. For Graduate Courses, candidates preferrably should have Ph.D. degree or relevant college teaching experiences.
    2. Although TopU College does not charge anything from the students, given our nonprofit mission and full funding from other sources, we do pay our instructors commensurate with qualifications and experiences.
    3. We are conveniently located along subway Line 4, near Ren Min Da Xue. (Renmin University). Working hours are most likely weekday nights or all weekends. Each course is usually offered once a week for 8 weeks, 2 hours per session.

    We look forward to hearing from you! Please send a resume and cover letter to topu4you at topu.me.

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