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  • Vics PR
    Vics PR wrote:

    First of all, thanks for reading my forum post! VICS is one of Beijing's hottest and most popular clubs already, but we are always looking to do better.

    One way is to know exactly what our customers and ideal clients like and enjoy in their night club experience, so please tell us:

    What clubs in Beijing do you LOVE and why?

    Let's keep it clubs you DO like, and not clubs you DON'T like for right now... we can save that for the NEXT forum post!

    Keep it classy, Beijing


  • Siren Dahlkvist

    Vics, Mix is not that good now. so rude. Dao is make me sick but music is ok like vics music. and location is really uncomportable to me cuz its so far from my home.  

    i like TUN! 

    i like Alfa for drinks!

    i like juicy spot for ladies night! lol 

    i like bling but not that much cuz dancefloor is so small 

    what else? 

    oh yeah, i like propaganda's music but so small

    L.A n Coco banana is ok. 

    GT banana is ok too, i like trance and electro pop. but its too hot there probly AC is not working there haha 

    ohh gosh i am party animal LOL 

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