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  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    ...is a former Marxist guerrilla turned economist and civil servant.

    Dilma Rousseff on course to be Brazil's first female president, exit polls show


    How cool is that? As Brazil's de facto head of state, her relative position will be even higher than Germany's PM Angela Merkel and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    And aside from the fact that she's a woman, she used to be a militant. This lady is so fucking hardcore, she was jailed and tortured for three years during the military dictatorship in the early 70s. Not to mention she survived lymphatic cancer.

    In b4 butthurt right-wing comparisons to Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:

    Honestly I dont like her. for me, she is just a political puppet of Lula da Silva.

    she was in COLINA, yes, but she was just responsible of transferring money and guns. The reason why she is put into the high ranking list of VAR is just because she is the lover of Araujo, who cheated on her several times during all those years but put her into the position of secretary of enegy.


    And it also makes me feel weird a former guerrilla now become a hardcore fan of free market.

  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:

    Maybe political puppet is not a right word. but still there are some evidences showing that her success is highly attached to Lula da Silva. She was kinda unknown before 2010 as a public politician, tho she has already been the secretary of enegy for years, but more of a technocrat type. But as soon as Lula backed her and kinda appointed her as a sucessor, all voters are buying her and she became famous in a very short period of time. NOT because of her performance in the department of enegy, but what she promised: she will keep on Lula's policy and keep on the legend of fast-growing brazil. in other words, the voters are buying lula, not her.

    Seldomly you would see a politician only emphasized on predecessor's contribution without giving out a convincing policy of her own. In one of the activity in Puerto Alger or Sul da Rio, she asked the audience: has Mr Lula created one million new jobs? While the audience are still in silence, she replied quickly, no, he created 3 million. What a clear ingratiating gesture.

    And almost every time of her speech, Lula is there, who said, if there is a problem in the future, he will directly call the president (he assumed here it will be Dilma) and tell her to fix it. by which, washington post called it one-way democracy. Obvioulsy, Mr lula is aiming at 2014's presidency. He left, only because by law, he cannot campaign for the third time presidency.


    Dilma used to be a extreme leftist and even in guerrilla. After all those years of military ditatorship, she and Araujo are those first to create again worker's party, but now... how come she changed to the representative of free market, as quoted from her, part of the west??

    And think about one thing, before her (now she is the cheif of staff), the cheif of staff stepdowned for corruption problems. He is her good friend. Now after she left for campaign, another cheif of staff got sacked for the same problem. Is it possible that she is the only one clean??

    For the success of brazil, how many precentage is based on its own oil resouces and how many on such politicians??? I would prefer to say, after so many years of suffering, the woman got the lucky goddess on her side again.

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