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    Jimi wrote:

    Sitting around the house this morning feeling very lazy. And visiting WLIB after a very long break I got the urge to write something. However, I found myself staring at the screen, wondering, what the fuck can I write today? Then it dawned on my half-awake brain that I should give thanks to those around Beijing who have supported me in music and those who have done a great job about supporting metal in Beijing & in China.

    First I think that we all owe a great deal to Painkiller magazine and also to Rock in CHina & the guys over at 666 shop in gu lou.

    These guys have done so very much for us by promoting gigs, having great websites and bringing kick ass bands here. For example, recently Exodus played at Mao live house.

    Last year they brought in bands like Kreator, Destruction and so many other metal greats.

    With shows like this coming into China's capital city, it is a no-brainer to realize how cool Beijing is and how NIU BI those guys are

    Specifically speaking: Hannis, Zack, Freddy, and Yu Yang.

    Dudes, thanks for your hard work, dedication and vision. Without you guys there would be no metal here and that would drive me away.


    no metal = no life =  no metal.



    Venues like 13 club, mao live house, yu gong yi shan, star live, Get lucky(RIP), and even highland(RIP).

    these places are rare in a place that is just turning itself into a more modern culture. And it is places like this that bring hope, smiles and joy into the hearts of locals and foreigners alike.

    Imagine what the world would be like without metal.

    ARGH!! I would much rather die.




    Kaiser and the older cats around beijing who have played metal for so many years and without much support or even a chance to earn a decent living from their arts.  You guys really are the backbone of this Nations metal scene.

    Niu bi


    The younger crowd of metal heads.

    You guys seem to be growing in numbers these days. And it brings a ray of dark light to my already tortured soul to see young guys and girls showing up at shows, putting bands together, studying music, creating magazines and supporting metal in all ways possible.



    its all about support. you have to come out to the shows, buy the cd's and shirts, wear that shit with pride, horns up whenever possible, stand up for your brother/sisterhood and let others know that we are here to stay and the future generations of metal in China will grow and grow.


    and a final thanks goes out to all the fans who supported me in my time during Raging Mob. I had so much fun with that band and had so many wonderful shows( midi, modern sky, 798, 13 club, starlive etc etc). True metal comes from the heart. RM is still jamming and they play shows all the time. You must check them out.


    hail metal forever!!!

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