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  • Simonhkd
    Simonhkd wrote:
    October 2-4 Featuring 80+ artists from around the world performing on four stages, China's biggest music event - the Modern Sky Festival - will be held in Beijing Haidian Park from October 2-4. This year's class of international artists sets a new standard for Chinese music festivals. Former Suede front man Brett Anderson returns to Beijing to perform songs new and old; American indie stalwarts Blonde Redhead make their first trip to China; two of the most talked about new bands in the UK and America, The Big Pink and Free Energy, are set to perform; Glasgow's indie pop darlings Camera Obscura play October 2; the Taiwanese music scene will be represented well by Zhangxuan, Joanna Wang, Go Chic, 88 Guava Seed, and MATZKA & 13BAND; and Latvia's top rock band BrainStorm, who have previously toured with REM and The Rolling Stones, and French bands Housse De Racket and P.U.S.S. round out the international artists lineup. The Modern Sky Festival 2010 features the strongest contingent of Chinese bands performing in one place in recent memory. The Mainland's Top Bands: Xie Tianxiao, New Pants, Re-TROS, Queensea Big Shark, Second-Hand Rose, Sound Fragment, Distorted Machine, Hedgehog, SUBS, Dragon Road, Oxygen Cans, Tours, Flight Plans, AV Okubo, Hua Lun, and many others are all set to perform! Re-TROS, Queensea Big Shark, and Hedgehog will all be performing new material from upcoming albums, while New Pants performs their first Modern Sky-produced festival after pulling out of the Strawberry Festival earlier this year. The Old Guard: Legendary bands Induced Community, CHENJIN and Red Forces, Evening News, Self-Education, Mr. Zhou, and Hang On The Box will all be performing their classic hits from the 80's and 90's. The 80's/90's rock revival begins at the Modern Sky Festival 2010! The Next Generation: The Modern Sky Festival 2010 will provide opportunities for new bands to perform in front of a large audience. Street Killing Strange Animals, GLGB, Day and Night Selling Ice, Crazy Doctor, Ducks Beat Geese, Wanderlust, Pairs, MIK, Liang Xiaoxue - see the best of China's new class performing on the Badhead Stage at the Modern Sky Festival 2010! For more information, please contact: info@modernskyent.com
  • Sindre Larssen Haugeng
    I can not put the festival poster here. but it still be the best festival during October. Brett Anderson/The Big Pink/Camera Obscura and Blonde Redhead will appear on stage those days. Hope can see you guys there!
  • Dan
    Dan wrote:

    see you there

  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:

    Strongly doubt it would be the greatest music festival in oct coz Strawberry this year fucking sucked and there is MIDI in Zhenjiang.

    But anyway, probably will go ....

    FYI,the schedule & some information might be helpful:


    Location:Haidian Park 北京海淀公园

    中国票务在线 大麦网 票务总代理
    大麦网订票链接Ticket Order:http://www.damai.cn/ticket_20012.html



    14:00-14:40 钢铁的心
    15:00-15:40 黑撒
    16:00-16:40 House De Rackett(FR)
    17:00-17:40 声音碎片
    18:00-18:40 Camera Obscura(UK)
    19:00-20:00 后海大鲨鱼
    20:20-21:20 The Big Pink(UK)

    14:00-14:40 Bigger Bang
    15:00-15:40 AV大久保
    16:00-16:40 旅行团
    17:00-17:40 Free Energy(US)
    18:00-18:40 张悬(TW)
    19:00-20:00 重塑雕像的权利
    20:20-21:20 Brett Anderson(UK)

    14:00-14:40 Go Chic(TW)
    15:00-15:40 万能青年旅店
    16:00-16:40 Brian Storm(Latvia)
    17:00-17:40 刺猬
    18:00-18:40 王若琳(TW)
    19:00-20:00 新裤子
    20:20-21:20 Blonde Redhead(US)


    13:30-14:10 Lazy Camels
    14:30-15:10 Dancers
    15:30-16:10 水晶蝶
    16:30-17:10 逃跑计划
    17:30-18:10 查可欣
    18:30-19:30 龙神道
    19:50-20:50 二手玫瑰

    13:30-14:10 Me灌Me
    14:30-15:10 八十八颗芭乐籽(TW)
    15:30-16:10 丁可
    16:30-17:10 晚间新闻
    17:30-18:10 挂在盒子上
    18:30-19:30 P.U.S.S.(FR)
    19:50-20:50 扭曲机器

    13:30-14:10 青年小伙子
    14:30-15:10 沼泽
    15:30-16:10 怪力
    16:30-17:10 花伦
    17:30-18:10 液氧罐头
    18:30-19:30 SUBS
    19:50-20:50 谢天笑


    13:40-14:20 街道杀死奇怪动物
    14:40-15:20 DISH
    15:40-16:20 GLGB
    16:40-17:20 杨千墀
    17:40-18:20 低苦艾
    18:40-19:20 陈劲与红色部队
    19:40-20:20 诱导社

    13:40-14:20 昼夜售冰
    14:40-15:20 疯医
    15:40-16:20 鸭打鹅
    16:40-17:20 Alt senior
    17:40-18:20 今日立秋
    18:40-19:20 MATZKA&13BAND(TW)
    19:40-20:20 周先生

    13:40-14:20 Wanderlust
    14:40-15:20 M.I.K.
    15:40-16:20 Pairs
    16:40-17:20 梁晓雪
    17:40-18:20 齿轮橡皮
    18:40-19:20 波激小丝
    19:40-20:20 自我教育


    16:30-17:30 Terry Tu
    17:30-18:30 Max
    18:30-19:30 Adept
    19:30-20:30 Sulumi
    20:30-21:30 LIman

    16:30-17:30 Shenyue
    17:30-18:30 Bounce Girls
    18:30-19:30 Linfeng
    19:30-20:30 R3
    20:30-21:30 LON

    16:30-17:30 DJ Kniff
    17:30-18:30 Elvis T
    18:30-19:30 DJ Ssoso
    19:30-20:30 AMU
    20:30-21:30 DJ Weng Weng

  • Dan
    Dan wrote:

    Looking forward to: AV大久保 (actually have never seen them before), 重塑雕像的权利, and The Dancers.  Most looking forward to seeing 万能青年旅店!!

  • WENwen
    WENwen wrote:


  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:

    Modern Sky has a lot of redeeming to do after botching the Strawberry Festival in May and failing to supply beer at the 2009 festival. I notice the lineup is mostly the usual suspects, but I'd probably go if I was there. XTX, SUBS, Second Hand Rose and Hedgehog are always worth seeing.

  • BeijingDaze
    BeijingDaze wrote:
  • Iain Bonner
    Iain Bonner wrote:

    trail of dead, wow never seen them. but i have that problem that if they play like their later albums i don't want to

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