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  • Virgil W
    Virgil W wrote:

    The people work so hard so plug into the city. Paid in strength, recharges yeah we got plenty. Never empty cause we full of life. Make money for my family and the wife. Dont forget about self, yes Im talking about the kid no need for them to struggle in the way that we did. It is what is so I’ll think ahead .Ill do little bit better that’s another slice bread. Now my familys fed. (Ok)

    Changed up to real because I just know how China feels, yet Chinese people are strong.  Never fold to the belief in the street when you reach for what your family can see. Its just work hard and believe. Like my brah JZ. We got handful of jokes and kicks, all that crazy azz shi* people put it aside.

    Now that we collide on different planes realizing that were damn close to the same. Individuals trying to have a spiritual ish upon their soldiers but when it comes to the cash we get whatever we can get. The RMB, Yuan and Dollars lets admit it. Still, we work so hard  well see it before it comes, but theres tomorrow. No sorrow Im just saying that the people work so hard no time for playing.

    How about, a little bit of that money that Im making for you? Cause when its all said and done you should give me some.

    This is just a little something for my Bros and all the other Chinese working hard for your family (Mom, Dad, Cousins, Aunt, Uncles, Kids, You). For those that feel me, I bet thats about the correct order hehe.


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