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  • Jimi
    Jimi wrote:

    Greeting young jedis. I have not been here for a long time because I just don't have time for reading and posting threads however now it is a holiday and I do feel like I can chill here a moment.

    Since the last time I was here Peter Baird had left China for Thailand and it appears to me that there is not too much being said around here.


    Let's stir up the place a little.

    I see standard questions that were asked 1000 times and some that just don't hold interests. so why not ask something with some depth.


    1. Do aliens exist?


    Iwould like to know what youall think. I for one believe it 110%.

    Aliens do exist in our universe. I believe that if a person thinks we are the only form of life in the entire universe then this person is naive and would like to think that man is the superior being . haha what a joke!man is superior?


    well if thats true, why does he destroy himself?


    aliens! they are out there. the size of the entire universe is too freaking big not to have other life. we are not that important and not so big. in fact we are like a grain of sand if not smaller.


    until the day when we can actually travel to other star systems, we will always debate this but i suspect that we will destroy ourselves before we get this.


    especially if america keeps chilling out in japan and scaring the shit out of North Korea.


    he ping

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