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  • Buffalo
    Buffalo wrote:

    hey guys! Im going to Beijing again in december 14th, and I was wondering if someone has a tip or a job info....maybe even a job for 3 months i'll be staying there.


    I speak Spanish and English fluently...and crapy Chinese :P


    I'm in my last year of my master degree TI or Informatics Civil Engineering.

    Please help me here, i need some cash to pay the expenses of the trip.


    Cya all!

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    Well, if you want to get paid over 4000 RMB a month, language teaching is probably your best option.

    1)  Lie on your english teaching resume. Tell them you have at least 2 years of experience teaching english to some fortune 500 in your home country or something.

    2) Native speakers should get minimum 150 an hour from semi-respectable firms, 120-130 from the little ones, and at least 200-250 for anything involving corporate training

    3) you gotta get your ass in gear immediately to find a job if your coming during that time, because the "Chinese new year" will take place around then and it will be a shitshow for about a month (I think mid-feb this year?) During that time most companies will close and you will only be able to find part-time work at best.

    Check www.thebeijinger.com    www.cityweekend.com.cn    www.echinajobs.com   and craigslist for job posts.



  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    Also, there is something called "The Cervantes Institute" here in beijing, maybe they have some opportunitites for spanish teaching.

  • Jenelyn Tambago

    thanks, i saw something about that last time I went. Some in New Oriental and Cervantes too. I think i will give that a shot.


    Thanks mate!

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