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  • Erez Eisenman
    Erez Eisenman wrote:


    I'm a Singer-songwriter, my name is Erez Eisenman. I perform all original songs and music, which incorporate rock, folk and blues. You are also welcome to check out my music on MySpace.com (if you have a VPN, if not there's a link to chinese myspace where you'll be able to listen to the music): http://www.myspace.com/erezeisenman and see when my next performance is...

    Hope to see you there!


  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    hey, arent you playing in V.A. Bar at this weekend in Beijing? Do you play the same night in MAO? (9th Sept). You might know that the flash player on myspace.com is somehow blocked, you should open a myspace.cn page or go for a douban artist page. I might go see your show in VA. Greets!

  • Ms. Stephanie
    Ms. Stephanie wrote:

    Webslave, there was a Jazz show at V.A on X'mas eve and have you been there? I wonder if that bar is nice with Jazz music ? coz I love to go and peace my mind there if the environment is good.

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    Hi Ms. Stephanie,

    VA Bar provides live Jazz on regular basis, but i never have been there yet. On X'mas eve, i was in my favorite bar Hot Cat Club which is not too far from VA and after that i was in School (some kind of a mini disco where they play punk instead of techno/house). And School is in the same lane where VA is (Wu Dao Ying).

    But i have been once in VA bar just for a coffee, inside the cafe it is quite cozy and chilling but it was too early for their live set. But i can imagine that VA may be a very nice venue for live Jazz. In fact there is a Jam Session tonight: http://www.douban.com/event/13147892/

    I will be dine out with friends next at the Yunnan Place next to Hot Cat Club, after that no plans. But i guess the Jam Session in VA bar wont last that late.

    My favorite Jazz place in Beijing still is East Shore (south side of Houhai near the bigger Stone Bridge)

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