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  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:

    Does anyone have any advice for buying a smartphone in China?

    Is there a big danger of being caught out with fakes in the smaller stores(I've heard some horror stories)?

    Are the official stores in China a lot more expensive as they are in most other countries?

    Does buying one from outside of China open you up to network compatibility problems?

    And would you recommend any models in particular? I'm currently leaning towards Droid Incredibly or HTC Evo, but I'm easily swayed.

  • Daniel Westerberg

    I got a older model of HTC (tattoo) in a small store, it's imported from hong kong. It came with support for Chinese characters (but you had to wtite them with strokeorder) so I just downloaded google IME (or what ever it was called) from the android store (it's free) and voila, Chinese pinyin input instead. And then the "scandinavian input" app and I now also have support for Swedish, Norweigian and Danish in the phone.. However, battery time on these new bloody phones leave a lot to desire.. currently I have two chargers, one at home and one at the office. The day I get stranded in BeiJing without any idea where I am or where to go, I promise you, the battery will die on me :)

  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:

    A belated thanks for the feedback guys. I think waiting seems to be the consensus. I'll look into the Galaxy S meanwhile as my friend recently recommend that phone too. Anyway, cheers.

  • Lee Yi
    Lee Yi wrote:
    usually,the phones from small stores r cheaper.bcs they r without duty.so also only can be guaranteed by the store who sold u. if u need a store like that,i know one at xi zhi men.if u need i can give u the owner's cell number.i bought htc g3 from there for 2400rmb on April ,and a spare bettary.the store is introduced by a friend to me.the friend did a favour to the seller.so,i think the sellor shouldn't give me a fake one.at least ,she provided a good after serive to me.

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