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  • Danilo Vasquez
    Danilo Vasquez wrote:

    I have bought a "Studio edition" one when I was in Miami last christmas, the quality is amazing, I've been looking for a store where I could get a Beats Pro and a Solo HD here in Beijing, I found them in Shanghai but I aint coming back there for a couple of months, so does anyone know anywhere I could buy them? 

  • Christopher Dame

    Yashow, lady street, silk market. Pretty much everywhere. If you~re good at bargaining you can get them for 400

  • Danilo Vasquez

    I meant an authorizhed store. That headphones cant be that cheap, probably fake.

  • Christopher Dame

    pero funcionan

  • 事与愿违
    事与愿违 wrote:

    I know where can buy the replica,but the real one,don't know. Well,the replica is less than 400,about 120rmb


  • Danilo Vasquez

    @ Fernando  

                 haha seguro que funcionan pero nunca es lo mismo. 

    @ Sasuke

                 I have tried the replica from a friend of mine, wich it sucks, we have compared with the Studio I have, and its just not the same. I am looking for the real thing.  120 RMB ? for real?  haha the Headphone Studio I have I bought it in 375 USD. but totally worth it. 



  • Kristoffer Røise

    They have it at the Apple store in Sanlitun

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