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  • Maggie
    Maggie wrote:

    hello there,

    Snow season is coming!!

    currenly i have started to pracice in Qiaobo Ski which is a indoor ski place.

    who play ski or snowboard?

    let me know if you like and let's play ski and snowboard.

    pls sign my guestbook or write me message.

    Love to get to know more peole who likes ski and snowboard.

    Expecially the professionals.



  • Kristine Marie Heimstad

    Hey!  I'm excited about snow/winter season too!  How much and where is the place?

  • Pernille Nordlie

    Yeh, I'm thinking of hitting Nanshan this year I went up to Dolomiti last year.. Any Idea when the 'season' starts ?! especially since Nanshan is so close and 2.. the summer doesnt seem to want to end..

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