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  • Yoan Merlo
    Yoan Merlo wrote:


    My team and myself will be playing in the upcoming 5-a-side league hosted in chaoyang park, we play in division 4, our goalkeeper is currently traveling abroad and won't be back for 2 weeks, the first playday will this tuesday, the 10th of August and we are desperately looking for a decent goalkeeper to stand in. We have been using field players as keeper in our practice games and it hasnt gone well. If you are interested and have at least some experience as goalkeeper contact me on this website by pm, you would play with us on the 10th and 17th and possibly more if you do well.

    The matches happen in the evening, on Tuesday we'll start at 8pm and there is 2 matches of 30min each~

    Hopefully someone can step in and rescue us~


  • Monica Jakobsen

    i will lend you some bricks to block your goal.

  • Mads Høines Mathisen

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