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  • David Mcbride 象人
    David Mcbride 象人 wrote:

    I'm looking for a good computer repair service in the shuangjing area.  I have about five systems with problems and I'd like to find someone reliable to come over and help me get them up and running.  any suggestions?  If I must take them to a center to get them fixed is there a good one close by? thnx

  • 雪地
    雪地 wrote:

    i just assume if you have 5 systems you are quite geeky already, and if its hardware based, just go to zhunguanzhun and by replacement parts ... if it software based use someting else than windows ...


  • Asfand-yar Thathal

    what kind of system? and yeah, just like Xuedi said, do you have hardware or software problem with your PCs(or servers)?and which brand of your PCs or servers are? are they still in warranty?if for hardware, zhong guan cun is a good place to go yes, but there is another smaller place in chao yang which is called bainaohun, not far from lan dao building. you could have a look there...

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