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    Revamping a Rusty Engine—Bringing Muscle Back

    Finding a Reason to Want to Win Beijing’s 12-Week Body Transformation Contest



    Basics and Extremes of Bigness

    The building blocks all follow the same pattern and that is, to build a foundation.

    Whatever that has to do with making muscle, well, it’s pretty self explanatory. You can’t walk into a company and expect to change things with just a strong arm and sharp mind. Same applies to weight training. You cannot walk into a workout factory and already know how to operate the equipment. First, what is the target and what are trying to produce… better body, right? Sounds simple but there are many, many “training procedures” to learn before you stack up those 45 plates on the infamous Bench-press to test your “maximum male” strength. Thought that ended in high school but apparently when you have pythons, pipes or guns, dudes still want to know what your bench is. Me, I just tell them my all time best was around 400 pounds. Back in the day…5 years ago I was in the best shape of my life. At 225 pounds, people knew that this kid wasn’t even old enough to walk into rough bars but was among the top brutes in town. After reaching the peak I ingloriously realized that being among the biggest, baddest, strongest guys in town wasn’t going to pay the bills and was unneeded full-time job. Eating 6-7 meals a day is so time consuming, not to mention EXPENSIVE. Literally my supplements and grocery bills were probably more than your rent.


    Body of Mind over Mind of Body

    So back to the 12-Week Body Transfo

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    PLEASE BE DIRECTED TO: Revamping a Rusty Engine and Bringing Muscle Back. The corrected version of this article. Thanks.

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