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  • Laura Sarikka
    Laura Sarikka wrote:
    I will be studying at BLCU beginning in September and i'm looking for a part-time job. I'm interested in teaching jobs, waitressing, bartending, babysitting, pretty much anything. I speak fluent english and finnish. I can also speak some spanish and chinese. I've worked as a waitress at TGI Friday's, office assistant for Finpro, and as an assistant/guide at the Beijing Olympics 2008. If anyone happens to know any suitable jobs for me. please email me at laura_sarikka@hotmail.com Thank you :)
  • Laura Sarikka
    Laura Sarikka wrote:
    i'll try that out, thanks. Yeah my studies come first but i do need to feed myself :)
  • Simen Wangberg

    "I'm interested in teaching jobs..."

    Yes, you are. Because that's probably all you will have time or energy for. Those other jobs you listed tend to be full-time, overnight gigs.

    But if you throw an ad on here or thebeijinger.com saying that you're a native English speaker available for part-time tutoring sessions, you will get swarms of Chinese college students knocking at your door. This way, you can set your own hours and choose how many students you want to have.

    You can probably charge somewhere around 100-150 an hour for tutoring, maybe even 200 if you can find students that can afford that. It won't add up to a ton of money, but as you say, it will be enough to feed you and fund the occasional night on the town.

    Chinese university students are hell-bent on passing various standardized English tests (TOEFL, CET, IELTS). You should familiarize yourself with these tests if you want to become a tutor, as many students will pay you just to teach them stuff that will help them on these tests.

  • Da Chuan
    Da Chuan wrote:

    imy advise for u ..go to thebeijinger.com  -- classifield---employee needed -- part time job ..then u can search in each pages ..u might find something updated

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