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  • SoulCreative Web Studios
    SoulCreative Web Studios wrote:

    Hey everyone,

    I recently have been in correspondance with a ELS teacher recruiter, and she is offering me a job. This job is at Oden English Training School in Beijing?

    Has anyone heard of this school? Is it legit? Does anyone know any ESL teachers there who I could interview?

    It says they pay 7000 RMB a month with free accomodation, and help getting VISA.

    I went to the website, but it's all in Chinese. Can anyone please tell me what it's about?

    Just want to make sure I'm not being had.




    Daniel Lessor

  • Synne Syverstad

    yes, those 2 r other city~ u can google them~ xian=西安, chongqing=重庆,and they r quite far from BJ

  • Synne Syverstad

    about the school, u should give us the website~ otherwise we can't judge base on nothing~

  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:


    Get tuned into some ESL boards to network with ESL teachers and glean insight. I've heard Raoul's Expat Saloon is a good resource, as is Dave's ESL Cafe.

  • 事与愿违
    事与愿违 wrote:
    Can't find other information only from the website.They mainly provide tutors,that is you may go to some student's home to teach him.
  • Synne Syverstad

    it looks... normal~ u d better go to see by urself after u arrive in BJ~

    give u a website most widely used in China for job hunting~


    hope it can help~

  • Monica Jakobsen

    seriously. from what i think, 7000 in the beijing city is alittle blow the normal stander. but i strongly suggest you make your working time flexible, so in this way you can find a tutor job on the side. perhaps you could teach some army jargon for extra cash too u think?

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