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  • SoulCreative Web Studios
    SoulCreative Web Studios wrote:

    Hey everyone,

    As some of you may know from my previous posts, I am a sophomore in college. I plan to come to Beijing some time around the end of August, and am looking for a place to stay.

    I am looking for a place that is clean, with clean water, internet, furnished, and has electricity, etc. I'm a very clean person, and pretty respectable. I don't really mind if your boy or girl, or Chinese or American or what, but I'd prefer someone who wouldn't mind being up late, or early. I enjoy the night.

    Naturally, I can help who ever my room mate(s) would be with English, and they could help me with Chinese.

    I'd like to pay around 2000 RMB a month. I just ask that it's clean.


    If you had an opening toward the end of August, that would be great. This would prevent me from having to get a hotel the day I arrive in China.


    Thanks for reading, and I hope I can be your room mate.

  • Joakim Berg Solum

    Any idea what location you're looking at? And also dude... if you need a floor to sleep on for a few days while looking for an apartment to save the cost of getting a hotel, lemme know. I'm getting in town on August 19 and also starting to look for an apartment then, but already have a potential roommate. In the meantime I'll be living with my family and you're welcome to stay a few days or a week if you wanna. We're located about 5km south of the Olympic Stadium

  • Joakim Berg Solum

    Just to be nitpicky, it seems like you are an American guy, not an English guy, right? hahaha

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