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    Can we ask for care in relationship?

    What to do when u feel disappointed

    I am confused. To people I love and care, I always feel hurt rather than angry when they let me down or did something wrong. Anger is overt while sadness is silent. So I always don’t feel wanna argue or ask or explain.

    “u don’t know how much I have done for u ! I have …” sounds familiar? I always think when the things be told in such a way, it will make all the deeds cheap. And it sounds like ask for return although u may not mean that.

    “Why don’t u trust me?” explanations can be so pale sometime. And trust is so important and valuable. It hurts when you need to explain something to someone u thought would have faith in you.

    “You should(or shouldn't)… otherwise I will feel…” can we ask the other in this way? If he agreed but breaks his words in the future, it hurts more. If he agreed and do according to ur said, it is better but still strange. Like a result of asking instead of his will. For example, I and my friends all came across situation when we are out of touch with BF for days. We feel worried and anxious. Then can we ask them to send us a message or two everyday? 3 or 4 call every week? Isn’t it like a task?

    “I was just too busy.” Most people think it is an excuse. So do I. and I also think of course some people are really that busy. But love is a luxury rather than a necessity. You shouldn’t even get close to it when you can’t afford it, should you?

    “maybe I am just too sensible.” So I always try to understand you did this or that for a reason. I will even found a reason for you. So I don’t disturb you when you are busy. Don’t wanna cry for everything or make trouble out of nothing or quarrel for little things like many other girls. But there are people think that’s too sensible. Girls shouldn’t be too sensible. It makes guys behave even worse. I also doubt about that for times.


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