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  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    Alright. So I've noticed that lots of you guys enjoy hate-fucking each other here on the site for whatever reason.

    What's the deal? I'm genuinely interested in why some people believe the following to be undisputable truths:

    a.) All English Teachers Suck
    b.) Chinese Girls are Superifical
    c.) Chinese Girls are Bitches Because...
    d.) The World Deserves to Revolve Around Me

    Just put everything in this thread instead of starting millions of new ones (and polluting existing ones) that diminish the quality of the site for everyone.

    Because believe it or not, there are plenty of users who read threads -- but do not contribute -- because they think that you're all a bunch of raving lunatics and don't want to face your wrath.

    This thread is an experiment. Try to bitch to one another in a reasonable fashion.

    Try and use logic to argue your points.

    Here is your chance to win people over with your arguments, whether right or wrong.

    Try to learn something. Maybe you'll make some new friends!

    If you can't argue your points coherently -- or if you are just unwilling -- to discuss this stuff in a rational fashion, than it will still result in a positive outcome:

    Everyone will know that you are just an Internet Tough Guy (or Girl) with no intention of ever winning people over, but just a mere troll that should be ignored.

    That way, you can ignore them in future discussions and get on with your life. Just refer back to this thread, where we can save it for posterity.

  • Christopher Dame

    Haha someone finally speaks up

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Hehe, it's a good idea, and yet...
    I know some people are just trolls and/or too stupid to function, but still it's hard to resist responding to some of the obvious logical flaws when these people (and by these people I mostly mean Birima, in case that's not obvious) open their mouths.
    Can I block a person't comments from appearing in the forums? That way I won't be tempted to beat dead horses quite so often, thus freeing up my time to..uhhh...nevermind.

  • 芝芝
    芝芝 wrote:

    chinese guys are more superficial.

  • Vanessa Iren Saglien

    that's because there are plenty people surfing the ineternet forgeting to take their brains.

  • Joakim Berg Solum

    Birimia = No1 Passion? I hate to say it but No1 Passion has basically turned into a reasonably cool dude and Birima & Victoria seem to have replaced him as the biggest trolls on this site.

  • Synne Syverstad


    cant agree more ! ! ! 

    worse things r not  logical flaws, but personhood flaws. by this, I also mean Birimia. I thought an apologize shown by given to me from him. but isnt it like to ask crazy dog stop bitting people?

    whatever , I wont give a shit to rubbish like him anymore, it is a waste of my time.

  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    are you trying to quote:  Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her  ???

  • Hans Christian Eriksson

    The biblical old judgement will be applied: A  tooth for a tooth, and eye for an eye.  Nobody will pardon  a tasteless  street slut such as  Chaton

  • Synne Syverstad


  • Simen Wangberg

    "no forum can last without trolling discuss"

    I think there's actually a grain of truth to this.

    Also, I hate y'all. But I love y'all.

    So I keep comin' back for MOAR

  • Ajantha Manohar

    Listen to me Pete, I´m a confessed moron and baby troll

    a.) All English Teachers Suck . Since i´m in Beijing I have been trying to be english teacher (well also trying to be photographer), but I have not had the chance, the bosses in the academies wanted anglo-pales-faces, cause... well maybe for the same reason that if i want to learn chinese, i want a 汉人 teacher, at least with a pretty cat eyes, I can not trust in the abilities of a chinese teacher with these eyes O_O, i want these -_-
    i am enough stupid to guide my decisions using appearances, like the most of the people in other situations, right?

    well, so, I am FRUSTATED, and I want to remind you that the frustated little kids try to call the attention of their parents breaking things, jumping, shouting...
    the adults when they are frustated they can do the same things in other levels, for example writting threads like - China, el Dorado for English Teachers, or  -all chinese have bad breath- (real threads written by our dears Birima and Lukas )

    keywords: frustation, impotent in my life in China

    b.) Chinese Girls are Superifical.

    There is something that fuck me more than the english teachers, the old rich laowai dicks, if the english teachers have the job that i want, these men have the pretty women that i want (in this moment i forget that hard and soft prostitution are universal bad attitude, and also in my country some person have sex with other only for material reasons ).
    Sexual frustation causes several damages in the brain, my logical thought begins to stupid generalizations using my experience with my 145 friends in weliveinbeijing.

    In the body there are a vital-energy and also a fuck-energy, when the fuck-energy can not go out, then begins to fuck inside of your body.

    c.) Chinese Girls are Bitches Because...

    Some chinese women rejected me, even the babies of this websites that have for hobby collect -internationals dicks-.

    so, please, I need a guide how to farming girls in weliveinbeijing (Fuck!! even David Findley have scored here)

    d.) The World Deserves to Revolve Around Me

    i m a mom son, and also I have a very big head, Have not you seen my photos?
    I m narcissistic and egocentric (my big head has a mesurable gravitational effects)

    i m a poor mom s son lost in beijing, without real friends (althought i have many here and in myspace), trying to call your attention with my posts, please insult me, argue with me (is fucking awesome when some of them try to have a rational discussion with me after my moron comment),because then, in these moments, i can forget my fucking loneliness,

    Feed the troll with your attention, please!!




  • Vanessa Iren Saglien

    haha, Mini Yes Sir just gets to the point!

    awesome comment:-P

  • Simen Wangberg

    Hahaha. Mini Yes Sir just kept it too real.

    Ahhhhh. Also, for no particular reason, I'd like to point out the 1984 reference in the title of this thread. Literate bitches might know what I'm talking about.

    And today, I hate the people in front of me at the supermarket that were moving along at a snail's pace. GOD I just want to punch you SO HARD in the back of the head that you go FLYING into the wall. But I can't. So I don't. I just sag into a heap and try to feel my blood pressure increasing.

  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    That was... surreal, Mini Yes Sir. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    I hate ALL slow-walkers, whether be in the supermarket, ahead me on the sidewalk, on the escalator or in any other public place.

  • Simen Wangberg

    I've never actually seen the film adaptation; have you seen it? I picked up a new copy of the book from one of the street vendors in Wudaokou and started re-reading it, it's been awhile. Thus why I noticed the reference. I had to ditch a lot of my favorite books when I moved over here so I've been rebuilding my library.


  • Asfand-yar Thathal

    These are interesting...

    a.) All English Teachers Suck

    I am 100% disagree, one swallow does not make a summer, human beings all intend to judge things based on their own perspective, or based on their own 'experience'. certainly there are bad English Teachers, but there are bunch of good ones as well.I can give you proofs, if you don't believe me.

    b.)Chinese Girls are Superficial.

    This is another example of judging things based on one's own perspective, maybe you want to say Chinese girls who hang out with foreigners are Superficial? well, it is still not right. maybe you just bad luck for the ones that you met are Superficial? there are thousands of people who are Superficial around the world, you just happen to be around by people from the largest populated country. so it is most likely for you to meet Superficial people, then Superficial girls. then Superficial Chinese girls.

    c.)Chinese Girls are Bitches Because...

    Really? well, I am sorry that you haven't meet the good and smart ones.if you don't chose the people who you are hang out with, then you will always be surrounded by stupid ones, no matter where you go.

    d.) The World Deserves to Revolve Around Me

    well i think half of this is a selfish thinking.for one hand the sun still rise in the morning no matter what. so, as a normal individual we are not that important,(for the troublesome ones they are burden to the World), actually this is very interesting, as we can see, there are a lot of people being selfish, not matter 'loudly' or 'secretly', human beings are animals at the end of the day. being self-concern is not all bad, as long as we know where to stop, or at least do not interfere other people's interests. for the other hand, I could view it as a self-confident, you think that you are cable of a lot of things, which is a good thing. and I really admire those people who have a lot of self-confident, and who have strong mental power of conquer difficulties or unfairness.

    anyway, those are only my personally opinions.you may disagree.

  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    The film adaptation is very faithful to the book. I'd recommend it.

    And thanks for your insights, CareyC. I agree with just about everything you said.

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