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  • François Ertauran
    François Ertauran wrote:

    I guess there are just thousands of post like this one but anyone would be interested in language exchange ? =)

    I can teach French (mother tongue), or english (975 TOEIC ... I can grade my level only whith that)

    I'd like a chinese native (not obviously beijinger), and if possible around my age .... don't get the wrong idea, I would simply like to chat in spite of real lessons I found it more easily with people of my age ... almost all the people that answer me in other websites were quite much older than me xD

    Thanks a lot

  • Vanessa Iren Saglien
    well, regardless of this thread first. there has been a weird thing confusing me a lot. why almost all the posts about language exchanges or looking for language partners are always ingnored?? i noticed that these kind of posts seem never got any response and comments. is there really nobody intested in language exchanges? or as Astaroth said, it doesn't work at all, and many people just regard it as a cover for some other purposes?
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahaha ... think of it as an advertisement, everyone reads it, and if anyone is interested, they go directly to the source to make contact, there is no point to say anything in the forum ...

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