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  • Kimberly Dong
    Kimberly Dong wrote:

    We plan to go to Xian, Pingliang and Dunhuang for traveling form 22nd, July to 3rd August. Because one of my friends dropped out, I am trying to find someone who loves traveling and taking pictures and is flexiable and easygoing to travel with us.

    Seven people in total.


    Travel Schedule:


    7.22  Take a train to Xi'an from Beijing. Start at aroung 21:00 and arrive in that city tomorrow morning, about 9:00


    7.23  Take a shuttle bus to Pingliang, which takes about 5 hours or so. Arrive at Pingliang and rest for the day.


    7.24  Go to famous Kong Tong Mountain for visiting. Kong Tong Moungtain is called the first mountain of Taoism and the scenery is quite splendid.

    information:   http://www.taoiststudy.com/content/kongtong-mountains-kongtong-shan


    7.25  Go to Lanzhou, the capital city of Gan Su province by shuttle bus. 5 hours arrive in there in the afternoon and go around the city a little bit. Take a train in the evening to Jiayu Pass


    7.26  Arrive in Jiayu Pass in the morning and go sightseeing there. Take a triain in the evening to Dunhuang.

    information:  http://yeschinatour.com/china-guides/china-attractions/jiayu-pass-jiayuguan/

  • Alexander Mostue


  • 事与愿违
    事与愿违 wrote:

    I was in Xi'an last year

  • 慧儿
    慧儿 wrote:

    跟Joe R想法一样。。。

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