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  • Chaton Du Nounours
    Chaton Du Nounours wrote:

    I really wanna improve my french, esp. speaking and listening~ so a French learning partner is really needed !


    1. have motivation, passion and time to learn Chinese, so u can teach me French and I can teach u French~ I think only in this way we can both insist on the learning and teaching progress~

    2. can use msn, Skype, qq or whatever to talk online, as we need to practice speak and listening~

    3. can speak English... of course, otherwise how can we communicate~

    4. French native speaker~ better just  French, as I dont wanna a Quebec or Africa accent ... as a new learner~

    5. would like to take course on Livemocha.com with me, so we can check each others' works~

    6. easy going~

    I hope we can set up learning plan together and encourage, help, and urge each other to learn efficiently, continuously and allsidedly~

    and about my French~ I ve got in touch with it for 2 years as my second foreign language~ but I didnt really work hard on it~ and basicly I learned things about grammars and reading. while my speaking and listening r really poor...

    Voila all I can think of now~

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