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  • Marine
    Marine wrote:

    Hello everyone !  Nice to meet you guys here .We are looking for some students doing jobs in our company in this summer vacation for interships, we dont need Chinese local people . we only need foreigners for intership , whatever you are in China or out of China, we will provide accomadation and something else and your salary.

    Let me introduce our company

    China Tourism Design Institute —— Space Creativity Kingdom

    ● The Innovation groups of tourism landscape and theam park.
    ● The design and construction experts of Exhibition Science Museum
    ● The Strategic Alliance of Urban renewal and real estate development

    CTDI is a professional institution composed of famous designers from leading Chinese universities, research institutes and unions both domestic and abroad. CTDI combines planning, design, construction and commissioned art all into one. The company mainly engages in planning tourism projects and culture construction. And we also provide park architecture ,will-hall and museum architecture ,the landscape architecture services, the urban planning and real estate projects .


    CTDI was founded in Hongkong at the beginning of the century,it set up base in Shenzhen and also set up the representative offices in BeiJing,ShangHai,Xi’An,NingBo,NanNing. The company attracts many experts ,scholars and industry leaders from the

  • Robin Karlsen
    Robin Karlsen wrote:

    Sorry .... we will provide the airplan tickets and the recommadation and the salary is the intership salary , coz we need some students in abroad to study in here and we also we will have some communication with them .

  • Simen Wangberg

    :-( I done got harmonized. Shouldn't this go in the Jobs section anyway?

  • Robin Karlsen
    Robin Karlsen wrote:

    sorry i dont understand what u mean ......anyway , our boss just needs some foreign students to study here and have some disscusion and communication with us .and we will provide the recommadation and airplan tickets ....and also give them salary ,but not as a inform staff ,,,coz they are still a student ,just for intership ,,they also can study in here and travel around here in China ..this is what we talk about ..

  • Robin Karlsen
    Robin Karlsen wrote:

    so we need students from abroad to study here .....or some foreign students who study in china ...

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    The last time I offered a job specifically for foreigners, it paid 1000 RMB per day for the responsibility of sitting in an office and eating a meal.

    Is this one of those types of jobs, or what are the intern's responsibilities?

  • Robin Karlsen
    Robin Karlsen wrote:

    well..the main point is to learn something and have some communication with us ..like the news of design in their country or we can exchange and communicate our ideas of design..coz our company CTDI is a professional institution composed of famous designers from leading Chinese universities, research institutes and unions both domestic and abroad. so i m sure they will learn something in here for students ..and we will also learn something from them ..these are two way persons.

  • Sandy
    Sandy wrote:

    i has a friend , he is a desger , do you company want clothes desger?

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