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  • Rose
    Rose wrote:

    Do you believe it? I guess not , but 1 month ago (13rd June) at a Chinese forum a mysterious guy who said that he was from the future foretold that Holand will beat Spain with 2:1 in the final of this World Cup.

    No one paid attention the first few weeks but with time this post became very famous even medias are reporting it.

    If you can read Chinese check the original post by yourself:


    Besides the World Cup he also foretold some disasters on earth in the near future and locations, I dont want to believe him but it was pretty hard to foretell the result even which will be the two teams in final especially 1 month ago. And even he was just someone who wanted to foretell did he need to pretent to be a futureman?

    Let's wait till 12th to see if he was totally right, but the question is what if he was right, will you believe the disasters ??

  • pommie
    pommie wrote:

    Internet forums are full of people from the future.

    That's because they were made illegal in 2015 for nearly causing the destruction of civilization.

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