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  • Jose
    Jose wrote:

    Any sports fan who has access to modern media knows by now that Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James have committed to signing long-term contracts with the Miami Heat of the NBA. Because of these moves, the NBA and all of North American professional sports has taken a step in the wrong direction.

    Let's start with Dwayne Wade. Sure, he won a championship with the Heat in 2006, but he did it with a pissed off Shaquille O'Neal nearing the end of his prime. What have the Heat and Wade done recently? He can put up numbers, of course, but they haven't come close to winning shit since 2006 and D-Wade's most important stats are the games missed due to injury. Meanwhile, he's divorced his crazy ex-wife and mother of his children for models and actresses. I'm not hating on the player, but this is a story that is all too common among professional athletes (especially in the NBA) that rarely turns out well for the player.

    What about Chris Bosh? Now, here's a guy who kept his mouth shut and played his heart out for the Toronto Raptors for a number of years. He was promised success by the management there and in 7 years, he played in only 11 playoff games. I remember when he signed his extension with the Raptors. He said all the right things to make him an icon in Toronto. However, towards the end of this past season, he got hurt and his absence basically ended the Raptors' playoff chances and their season. During the time he was out, he did little to root his team on, but rather made numerous insinuations toward his impending free agency. The season wasn't over, yet, Chris. And get off your damn Twitter account asking the general public to help you make your decision the day after the season ends.

    This brings us to LeBron aka "LeBrutus the gigantic ego" James. Here is a grown boy who quit on his team, his home state, and himself during the playoffs (he wasn't hurt THAT bad) because he was getting beat by a team of professionals. Then, he lets his inner drama queen self out and does everything he can to upstage the remainder of the NBA playoffs. Now, he has turned his back on a team, fan base, and entire state that supported him absolutely unconditionally to go play with his butt buddies in Miami. If he thinks he will ever have the support in Miami that he got while in Cleveland, he's delusional. That the Cavs never won a championship during his time there is pretty much irrelevant. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is right to call this an act of "cowardly betrayal" because LeBrutus turned his back on his home after years of saying how tight he is with Akron and Cleveland and how much love that area gave him. And what did he do it for? He's not making more money than Cleveland offered and he may claim it's all about championships, but I believe that's secondary, if not tertiary for all three of these stooges.

    Towards the end of the season, the self-proclaimed "King" (what he's done to deserve that moniker I have no clue) announced that he would be changing his jersey number from 23 to 6 to "honor" Michael Jordan and suggested that all other players using 23 do likewise. First of all, Michael Jordan, as great as he was, was and still is a massive prick. Secondly, LeBitch isn't doing it to "honor" Michael Jordan, he's doing it to sell jerseys in an effort to reach his long-standing goal of becoming the first billionaire in professional sports. He said this was his goal years ago and keeps reiterating it. Kobe changed numbers to sell jerseys and at least was honest about it. LeBaby is trying to make himself look like a saint, when he's nothing but a selfish drama queen. Why 6? Because he wants to tie Michael for NBA championships? Well, with his history in the playoffs, I don't see that happening. Michael was invariably clutch, the Queen is spotty at best. Also, what's the only thing better at selling jerse

  • Mari Vidste
    Mari Vidste wrote:

    No, don't stop Jasper, you haven't called him LeBrute, LeBoob, LeBonehead, LeBastard, LeBambi, LeBrat, etc. And don't lie. If you're a basketball fan, you will be watching that shit.And it's still way too early to say the image of parity is destroyed. There might be alot of losing going on in Miami, and injuries and superstar ego-clash melodrama are all well in the possiblity-realm. And spare us the half-brained nostalgia. They were trading free agents in Bird's day as well.

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