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  • Acoupleofyears
    Acoupleofyears wrote:

    Where can I get authentic Singapore food in Beijing.  Mee siam, laksa, chicken rice, mee pok, etc..... Missed Singapore food after 3 months here.  Many thanks in advance!

  • Håkon Lønne
    Håkon Lønne wrote:

    Grand Millennium hotel near guomao

  • Tobias Lundquist

    Grand Millennium Hotel, you mean 北京千禧大酒店,i use to live there when i first came to beijing.  they only have 2 restaurants, a buffet and a regular chinese restaurant.  is it near the hotel, or right in the hotel?  i am looking for a good singapore or malaysian restaurant too.  especially one that has bobo chacha

  • Håkon Lønne
    Håkon Lønne wrote:

    in the hotel, food was ok when i was there last time. many options althought i had no idea abt ur food, what is bobo chacha.  yammy ?

  • NN
    NN wrote:

    Oh..well,I love it,when Im having some singapore food or taiwanese food,always remind me my sweet sweet home and dear family =)

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