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  • №❶ Passioη
    №❶ Passioη wrote:

    Don't blame it on the vuvuzelas and / or incompetent seemingly moody referees, it's all part of the game baby, all part of the game. 

    The Spaniards have always been my favorite players but the Germans refused to realise: when you see blue + red + yellow, that's not a football jersey, it's a superhero costume. Unstoppable and definitely unbeatable.

    Ok, let's look ahead... For the sake of my 'Dutch ex' who didn't break up with a fight, and 12 Austrian + NED friends, I can't say "Fock the Dutch" team... But I'll rather say Go Spain Go... and if I say something not in your dick-tionary, I'm not driven by the dutch but the scotch, I just had too much...

    So let's see your predictive power. In one word, Say before Sunday: Which Team literally OWNS that Glittering WorldCup? Netherlands or Spain?

    The winner will have a chance to join the team of nostradamuses who will eventually predict the fates of WLIB forum freaks. Hajime ;)

  • №❶ Passioη

    Merde! how the fock do I edit the focken post? I forgot to focken add something focken important. Shit!!

  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    since centuries, dutch guys have experience kicking our us out their country, this is a point for them.  -Sin Flandes no hay nada Capitán-


    they have around 15 cm more (of stature!!!!!). their heads can reach where ours not :¨(


    We call the dutch football team, -La naranja mecánica- (Orange Mechanics), in other words, we know that they are good and they can kick our us again, so, our point is not have overconfidence. 



  • ❤Pinkbubble❤

    Spain!!!! \(^o^)/

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:

    octopus knows…作为罗本,斯内德,圣哈维,圣伊涅的支持者,I think I will be happy no matter which team wins

  • Jamie Wen
    Jamie Wen wrote:
    I‘d say Netherlands. They got Van-P,Sneijder, Kuiyt, Robben. It's their crown time.
  • xxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Spain is in good shape, Germany scored 4 in each of their last 2 games, yet they couldn't beat Spain, they didn't even come close against Spain's great wall, plus they have Xavier, Iniesta...but I still think Holland will win..lol.....Go Dutch!!

  • Simen Stensvoll


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