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    TProphet wrote:

    Wow, what an incredible event. It was a grueling 4 hour bus ride each way and I ended up being awake for over 24 hours straight (very unusual for me), but the music was top notch.

    Largely this was the same as the aircraft carrier party - same long bus ride (although no getting lost on the way tihs time), same high drink prices, same Detroit and minimal techno-focused lineup, same over-the-top lighting array with a zillion strobe lights and the same unimaginative visuals (limited to one side, the other side was a CCTV broadcast of the World Cup semifinals). And the same amazing Dynacord system, driven from a beautiful Allen and Heath Xone 92, which made everything sound absolutely amazing. By the way, this is *really hard* to do on a beach, because the sand absorbs the bass (I learned this the hard way when I threw a beach party last summer). Kudos to the DJs (all top notch) and the very solid technical crew.

    But oh, the location! Even a show done a third as well as this very well-produced event would have been a joy, with the Great Wall serving as a towering backdrop to the moonlit sky, the water shimmering underneath. Curious locals looked over the fence, some younger ones even getting into the dance party vibe, awkwardly grooving to the tunes and having fun trying.  A little girl, maybe three years old, certainly knew what to do and taught her mother to dance!

    This being China, there were police everywhere but they were friendly and polite. The police kept a constant patrol of the shoreline to keep ravers out of the rip currents, and wanderers from the festival grounds.

    At 5 in the morning, the sun was already up and the party was winding down. I broke down my tent, amused that there was obvious evidence of random drunken sex having happened in it (they apparently used the wrong tent), got on the bus, and slept for most of the long ride back to Beijing. Well done, guys, although I'd love to see this event go all weekend next year. Given the travel distance, it'd be nice to camp out on the beach and dance for two days! :)

    Pics are here.


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