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  • N-Die 北京的法国人
    N-Die 北京的法国人 wrote:

    Well, i know it's summer, it's very hot, and lot of alcohol ! But is it a reason ?

    Violent fights every week end there !

    It's crowed of people who came here to have fun, people get hurt even people not involve at first get hurt by a lost flying bottle or chair...

    Please guys, think carefully before answer to the provocations...Specially if you are laowai involved with some chinese...honestly i seldom saw a laowai get out a fight in that aera winning the battle...unless won a trip to the near by hospital...

    Last saturday, again, front of barblu after the match Germany-Argentina...violent fight happenned between a laowai father and his 2 sons against a group of chinese...even some chinese sellers in the street came beat them up...

    Well, im always sad to see people got hurt, bleeding and crying...

    Drink smart, (specially the fake alcohol there, dont make people much friendly) try to talk first, try to use the basic chinese you learnt, give your best smile to avoid this kind of situation...

  • Christoffer Tuner

    The people I've seen try to start fights in Sanlitun have been 50% Chinese and 50% Caucasians.

    However, it's rather foolish for white people to fight there.

    EVERYBODY knows:

    1. Chinese men don't fight 1 on 1. If there are 3 of you then you will be fighting 10 to 15 Chinese guys.

    2. Chinese men use weapons - many Chinese men carry knives. If not, they will pick up a brick from the street and try to hit you on the head with it while shouting "cao ni ma!" This is standard behaviour.

    3. Chinese men hit women. If your girlfriend is with you then she might get beaten too.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Stupid question one ... why was SLT highlighted in this thread? How about places like Hou Hai or WDK?

  • Sylvia Siyuan Shen

    i saw a guy passed out with a hole in his arm friday night... it was horrible!!


    That street is a hole. Besides from tourists, students and maybe those regulars to Lugas/tree, local foreigners don't go there. Firstly, they should have a few police officers stationed at a booth right at that spot. Secondly, they should not allow cars there between 7 at night and 7 in the morning. Thirdly, the little mafia run corners need to be cleaned off like they did during the Olympics and without the "compensation" they received last time.

  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    I have been there a few times, but i do not find anything so attractive in that area. People sit on the street and own it. The Chinese guys will provoke at times any white or other that has a beautiful Chinese lady because they are jealous. The fact that they do not have a lot of power, they use so many things to fight. I hear,, not so sure, that they hate seeing foreigners take there beautiful girls, and that because many foreigners earn a lot more than many normal Chinese guys. I have a black friend who has a very beautiful girl, but whenever we get there, they try provocation because they are jealous. The good thing is that he speaks Chinese so well. The Chinese find it hard to live in harmony with foreigners, especially the men. It will take some thirty years or so when this a bit old generation is wiped out and has become old that the young ones will live in harmony with foreigners because they have grown seeing foreigners and th us will become part of them especially the fact that many want to behave westernised. I have seen police men and police cars around often time, but they can not keep any order there. What amuses me is that they assemble their dogs at Adidas in the evenings and pretend to be at work when actually they are ogling girls. For any foreigner to start a fight is such stupid. Even if a Chinese steps on you, he never will take your dignity away. One Chinese asked my friend to play pool with him. When my friend refused, he wanted to start a fight, saying that we foreigners under look them. We simply walked off. If the Chinese do not change character and learn to live a free world, even China itself will find it hard to break the circle of the G8. Many things need to be changed including the behaviour of the people. I have two Chinese friends that were in Australia and Newzealand for years. They have confessed to me that the Chinese counterparts behave totally different and its not good because they were treated well in these two countries the way they never expected. I hate fights, though i am a very good fighter and because of that, i even fear getting a Chinese lady because i do not want provocation. I swear even if she came to me in Eve's suit, i would not wink.
  • ALK
    ALK wrote:


    I've even seen chinese guys starting a fight and using bricks in basketball games...0.o

  • Hans Christian Eriksson

    he best way is not to go to Sanlitun. There is only alhocol and whores there. so what is the  hell to go there? no need. Take heed! Fight one chinese, and u will see a mob of chinese invading you. I see it even very often  in the playground where we play soccer. Utter wildness! We are in the country, so we have to put up with it. But chinese should know that there are many chinese everywhere. And this will make foreigners here  hate chinese once they go back.

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Jasper "Jack" Newton Daniel 写道:Seriously? Chinese men are all in knife-wielding, girl-beating, brick-carrying, potty-mouth gangs? Come on now...

    Of course not Jasper, just the ones who get in fights at SLT.

    Likewise, I am sure that not all foreigners are drunken douchebags who don't speak the language of the country they live in and expect others to yield to them...just the ones who get in fights at SLT.

    The police are just around the corner. On the street directly north of "The Village", walk west 20 meters and you will find the police station.

    Where do you guys find these fights? I like watching fights! I'm gonna go watch Brock Lesner in UFC 116 now.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Sanlitun has its redeeming qualities. There's nothing like cheap drinks at Smugglers and fish 'n' chips after the respectable bars are closed.

    I think it's easy to stay out of trouble there as long as you behave yourelf.

  • Tibby Pandanianna

    Who's Chris? Lol

  • xxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxx wrote:
    The wisest thing to do is just walking away, everytime I see a fight between a foreigner and a bunch of Chinese I simply walk away, im chickening out of course but i just avoid being sucked into a fight. The most horrible thing though, is when they beat up their wives, once i saw this fat chinese dude beating up his wife jst outside my building and there was at least 5 or 6 other guys standing by not doing sh*t, obviously i was pissed off i tried to break the fight and the others were like stop it Laowai, u dnt understand our culture, fortunately another laowai came over, and we told the guy tht we would literally burst his fat tummy he doesnt stop it....lol, he finally walked away...
  • Joakim Berg Solum

    If I ever see one of these fights, I'm gonna join in and help the foreign dudes. Maybe people will get confused and start to disperse, or the local Chinese guys will start to fight each other since they no longer know who is friend or enemy as most of the ones in the fight are strangers and thought they were just there to kick some white guy's ass.

  • Iain Bonner
    Iain Bonner wrote:
    nice idea Jon, especially if you are wearing a Chinese security guard uniform !
  • Marte Joahansen


      fighting is that thin line between life and death..afterall walking away presents

       psychological defects to the other party..as they would never stop thinking abt.

       where he's going, who he is..nd' all that.

        c'mon people..walking away does'nt  make you weak,neither does it show your


        it only reveals a higher brain power and a much more focused personality.


  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
    @Paul Gadd, when I read some comments in this forum, like yours: chinese men are cowards, chinese men are violent, chinese men are jealous, chinese men are ¨short¨, bla bla and more bla bla.. The only thing that i can observed of this kind prejudices-spam by fucking expats, is the patience of the chinese people with fucking laowai, in their no-repliesto this bullshit. Do you want one fact? don´t touch the balls of chinese people, specially beijing people, because superman only can stop one tank, an angry chinese person can stop 4...
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    I have never been to the Tun due to lack of interest in crowd and cigarettes and alcohol (and prostitutues too, unlike all those who had been sadly misled, more about that later), and probably never will now that it seems more violent than a B-grade horror movie ... I did, however, chose a few keywords from above:

    1. provocations
    2. drink
    3. gangs

    Like 99.99% of the world's population, when I go out, I also want to have a good time, so for you, that might be the first reason to calm down and think first ...

    If you have a habit of getting very drunk and cannot think straight (or thinking at all for that matter), then make sure you have at least one friend as "big" as you but stays sober enough to think for you, the more the merrier (or someone VERY local and has the maturity not to take side but to talk things out) ... bringing a five-feet-two Chinese Barbie doll would not be much help, they tend to scare easy ...

    People tend to say (or do) stupid things when they get drunk (or get high ... trust me on this one, I can do stupid things without a drop), and it had been proven for many centuries, both Chinese or otherwise, so, set a limit on how high do you want to get ... "control" is the key ... if you cannot control yourself, it does not matter you are in Tun or Hong Kong or NY or London, you get in trouble anyway ...

    What I have said, applies to one and only one group ... i.e. if you like to drink and tend to get very drunk, hence get in trouble, then you are part of that group, regardless of gender, race, skin color ...


  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    Not sure why no one has mentioned the Shadow Lurking Assholes Selling Drugs yet.

    SLASDs bother me more than the entire calvacade of treacherous Sanlitun folk combined: the beggars, drunk tourists, gangsters with shaved heads, sexpats, cheap floozies with their tits hanging out and the massage sharks who follow the whiff of their combined desparation around like dogs in heat.

    I can pass by a fight in progress: the disputes of others don't concern me... and those cats leave me alone.

    But the SLASDs? Forgot about it. They follow people who just want to be left alone down the street like street vendors on steroids, spewing alpha-male bravado bullshit in the event that you don't require their services.

    Stop fighting? How about the cessation of payoffs that allow these Ambassadors of Sleaze to operate in the first place?

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Pete: SLADS? I like the acronym, but I always just thought they were friendly dudes who wanted to shake hands and find out how my day was going...no one else talks to me in 3lt... really, it's everyone else who are assholes.

  • Christoffer Tuner

    Adolfo: "Do you want one fact? dont touch the balls of chinese people."

    Why not? What if a Chinese person WANTS me to touch his balls? I shouldn't do it?

    Is this some kind of trap? Did you touch a Chinese guy's balls once and they blew up in your face, Adolfo?

    You know what? You 'aint the boss of me! I'm going to go out right now and touch a Chinese person's balls. You and your advice be damned!

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    @paul, film it and report back!

    @Adolfo, sorry, though I tend to agree with you, I think Paul wins this round.

  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:


  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    @ dear Paul Gadd....

    --What if a Chinese person WANTS me to touch his balls? I shouldn't do it?--

    maybe, say your price before the beginning of the sesion of genital touching. And according your theory about the chinese men and the groups, becareful or in the end you can be the bitch in a interracial gang bang

    Did you touch a Chinese guy's balls once -

    I can not say -never-, I usually pick the bus in rush hour to wudaokou, but was without my intention, promise you


    they blew up in your face, Adolfo?-- 

    yep, many times, in sanda class,

    conclusion: touch chinese balls (yes) and be blew up by a chinese (yes) but never have happened correlated

    You know what? You 'aint the boss of me! I'm going to go out right now and touch a Chinese person's balls. You and your advice be damned!--

    only be sure before touch the genitals of that chinese man that he is not a policeman, or a member of the Party (BTW... you are a pervert touching sweaty balls with this heat)

    PD. can u say me ur nationality, i wish to write a comment like your first, full of bullshit ;)

    muack muack !!

  • Simen Wangberg

    Hahaha. Touche. Adolfo, where are YOU from? You are like a word magician.

  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:

    Damn... I guess the above is why I do not like SLT.  A bunch of shit I do not need.   It does make for a good night every once in a while, but I never have problems because I tend to give off a heir of respect for people around me and try tend to notice when it is not a good idea to act like a fool.


     I actually ran into an interesting situation at a roof party Friday night.  I went there with a female friend who knew the host and most of the people at the party, my roommate, and two other female friends I met on WLIB.  When we got there it was late and poeple were a little wild.  So we started a conversation with some cats near the ledge. 

        I introduced my roommate and the ladies first to them and one guys instantly started to insult my roommate with a witty comment to this effect, "You look like one of thise world of Warcraft Chinese kids who's dream it is to meet a foreigner. You are just happy to be talking to me right now are'nt you?" As I was just beginning to realize what this douche bag just said he turns to me and says, "You look like a guy who listened to a Cypress Hill album and thinks he is cool now."  I smiled and looked him in the eye and I could tell everyone around was waiting for me to kill this kid because my arms are about the size of his thighs haha, but I stayed cool and said, "You look like the guy who is about to get knocked out on the roof and then thrown off the ledge."  HE kind of smiled nervously and came back with, "By who?" as he nervously looked around at all his friends who had dismayed looks on their faces...  I said, "By the guy who listens to Cypress Hill." He then took the opportune moment to back away and dissapear into the crowd of drunk people.  Then I laughed and asked his friends what was his problem and they just told me that he is just an idiot.  

    I knew this much.....  I am proud of myslef for not doing anything. In the past I would have not been so cool, but I am happy I can be cool in this type of situation.  Fighting is not neccessary all the time.  Some time there is not always a way out.  I chose to joke this one and it ended nicely.

  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:

    Actually I have had situations where I had to just throw my hands up and bite my tongue when I knew that there was no other way to settle a dispute.  Buy drinks, put the ego aside, say sorry, excuse me, whatever it takes to prevent the shit from hitting the fan.  "You feel that sting?..... That's pride fuckin with you.... Pride only hurts.... It never helps... You fight through that shit... (Pulp fiction)    It's true... someone has to take the action to settle the issue or it could just end badly.  Be funny, leave, say sorry, or fake a siezure..... It may save your life or a trip to the hospital.  Although there are instances when it cannot be avoided, you will be surpirsed to find how far conflict resolution techniques can go.





  • Petter Meisfjordskar

    Well, it seems Kenny Rogers was singing about foreigners in Beijing when he sung "Coward of the County". But our Chinese friends should know that the "Coward of the County" can at times be dengerous. One bad thing is that i am sure such shit are not reading this because many do not read and do not know English.

  • Iain Bonner
    Iain Bonner wrote:
    nice work Kodi ! i can imagine that kid's look. sounds like he wanted to get hurt, or at least to see some trouble, which some people want and it can be hard to understand exactly why. comments like that, when someone just met you and have no idea of your personality, but judge you purely on the very surface they see before them can be let go always i think. no point. the only reason those comments are uttered is to get a negative response. best take a drink and say how great it is to be out of prison : )
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Kodi: "but I never have problems because I tend to give off a heir of respect for people around me"

    Yeah man, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that you look like Dominic Purcell. I wouldn't start shit with you either, even if you were being a total douch :-p

    Great story though. I would love to have been there. That guys sounds like a dick.

  • Undermoonlight

    The only suggestion (maybe the solely appropriate one) for the foreigners is to stop acting provocatively~Some foreigners do and say things that they don't dare to do and say in their own coutries----the psychology of foreigness, which is normal but detrimental for themselves~~Get over it, guys, whether it is brought about by the extreme pride or curiosity~China is not mysterious as you think----the varieties of Chinese people are just as rich as your own countries~this is humanity~~for this, I mean degenarated or morally corrupted or uneducated or educated but crooked or...people can be seen in the countries throughout the world, esp. in places like Sanlitun~~ 

    And I think that the common ideas of cultural studies, which usually, label people due to the so-called cultural identities, are kind of misleading----sometimes...   

  • Albulena Imeri


  • Henry Chen
    Henry Chen wrote:

    I used to go to Sanlitun every friday. Boring as hell after a while, but even worse with the fights. Everything just stops and stares at whatever spectacle occurs, the beer stops tasting right, the cigarettes feel fake, and there's a mob of people obstructing my view in the most obnoxious ways. I just go for drinks. I get drunk and I stumble onto a cab and try my best to get home... I'm a sleepy drunk :)

    but these people that start these fights... most of them are for no real reason. it's ridiculous. my friend got bashed on the head with a bottle just because he was checking whether the bathroom was occupied and found that it was. He backed out, of course, but I guess that's not enough. Now he's got a funny scar on his forhead...

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    Jimmy, welcome back. Huh?

  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:

    I've only been out to Sanlitun a few times(being an out-of-city boy) and I've never experienced any of the bad stuff above. On the other hand, I've stayed in a youth hostel in Sanlitun dozens of times and the foreign people that frequent that place are some of the most in-bred and horrible people I've ever met, and as a lot of these were at their worst after coming in from bars in Sanlitun, I can imagine how there can be tension.

    Not saying it's all us but I wouldn't have approached this thread the same way prior to experiencing some of the shit that goes down when drunk foreign tourists or visitors go back to their rooms.


  • Albulena Imeri

    :  Gracias, amigo and what's shaking?

  • Nathaniel Boyle

    im glad this is being discussed, but it needs to be said that chinese guys arnt always strating teh fights, ive seen plenty of expats start fights there too.

    any way, i hate that whole strip because of the fights and ugly girls, if u want a cheap night just drink with me at my house then we'll go to a club

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