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  • Chaton Du Nounours
    Chaton Du Nounours wrote:
    The referee has just made a such a big wrong judgement ! England may lose the game for that ! that will really be a tragedy !so many bad judgements in this world cup ! and so many yellow and red cards ! what's wrong with the referees ?!
    I miss Collina !
    and I really really cant understand why they wont change the wrong judgements according to the vedio ? my male friends told me that's the rule. but it is ridiculous !so unfair . isn't it ?
  • anita sønsterud
    so many bad judgements??i didn't see lot
    through video?you kidding me??then what the referees work for?everyone just sit on sofa with some ice cocktails in a air-condition-is -on room...and we need a 跑堂的run around between the filed&referee's office.

    I can't watch now.cause i don't own a TV.and ccav online's speed is killing me,it stopped around 40 minutes ago and still now.what a beautifull motionless video...
    my heart is crying...damn it
  • Jenelyn Tambago
    hahahahahaah now that goal doesnt matter....would have been 4-2
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:
    Germany play wonderful ! I love them.
  • Xiao
    Xiao wrote:
    Collina is bald and BALD! That's more like a tragedy.
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:
    Leow! Leow! Leow !! Amazing !
  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    The referee did not make a wrong judgement, neither the assistant. Just look at the position in which both were when the ball was played. None of them could have seen it crossed the line. I do not blame them. I blame the England coach. There is no reason of playing Barry and lampard on the same pitch. Both are number 6 players that is why they did not know what to do and left the midfield blank. Heskey is one lot i get surprised why he keeps on the team. He has scored only nine goals for England. Why did they leave Walcot and Darren Bent? Good leason.
  • Jenelyn Tambago
    yes 马克 is right! England lost 4-2 and no one can say otherwise!!!
    and kaka was right to be expelled by the way...aggression no matter how big or little is red right away. He did it on purpose and with no ball.
  • anita sønsterud
    @马克:i didn't say there's no bad judgements...but she said so many....sounds like the most ever...do not criticizing me.always have unfair judgement every time,,even england got that one still lost..whatever match is match.yeah it's true to use the technology to make a fair result,but it's a live matches,you can not get the results after all have done..referee is not perfect,we are all human.jesus
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
  • anita sønsterud


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