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    end of the semester~ one of my classmates summed up the terms appeared In our Chinese culture course~ share with u guys~

    Unit 1

    焚书坑儒  burn books and bury Confucian scholars alive

    牛郎织女  the Cowherd and the Girl Weaver

    封建礼教  feudal ethical codes


    Good will be rewarded with good and evil repaid with evil

    Unit 2

    饮食疗法  dietotherapy

    色香味  color, aroma and taste

    美食家  gourmet


    Sweet in the south, salty in the north, sour in the west and spicy in the east.

    中国四大菜系  Grand Four Categories of Chinese Cuisine

    点心  Dim Sum

    鉴别诊断  differential diagnosis

    礼仪之邦  land of ceremony and propriety

    良药苦口  Good medicine tastes bitter.

    Unit 3

    衣食住行  clothing, food, shelter and transportation

    曲裾  curving-front robe

    直裾  straight-front robe

    Unit 4

    道家四象  the four Taoist quadrants

    风水先生  a geomancer

    皇陵  the imperial mausoleum

    宗庙或祠堂  the ancestral temple

    天坛  the Temple of Heaven

    塔  pagoda

    莫高窟  the Mogao Grottoes

    天人合一  unity of Heaven and man

    Unit 5

    世界遗产名录  List of World Heritage

    金丝猴  golden snub-nosed monkey

    人间仙境  Fairy Land on Earth

    五岳  Five Sacred Mountains


    One who fails to recognize a somebody has been compared to a person unable to see Mt.Tai.

    稳如泰山  as stable as Mt. Tai


    Only by ascending Mt. Tai will you find how dwarfish all mountains under heaven are.


    I find it no longer worth my while to look at a mountain after visiting the five sacred mountains. No long do I find it worth my while to look at the sacred five after returning from Huangshan.

    Unit 6

    烽火台  beacon tower

    天下第一关  the World’s First Pass

    故宫  the Palace Museum(the Forbidden City)

    秦始皇陵  Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

    《史记》  The Historical Records

    兵马俑  Terra cotta legions

    释迦牟尼  Sakyamuni

    Unit 7

    春节  the Spring Festival

    元宵节  the Lantern Festival

    清明节  Tomb Sweeping Day or the Clear Bright Festival

    端午节  the Dragon Boat Festival

    中秋节  the Mid-Autumn Festival

    重阳节  the Double Ninth Festival

    泼水节  Water Sprinkling Festival

    那达慕  the Nadam Fair

    火把节  the Torch Festival

    阴历  the lunar calendar

    公历  Gregorian calendar

    年糕  sticky cakes

    红包  lucky money in little red envelopes

    春联  spring couplets

    年画  New Year pictures

    舞狮  Lion Dances

    闰月  an intercalary month

    年饭  the New Year feast

    元宵 glutinous rice dumplings stuffed with various sweet fillings

    赛龙舟  dragon boat races

    粽子  pyramid-shaped dumplings with glutinous rice

    吉祥话  auspicious messages

    秋分  the autumn equinox7

    月饼  moon cake

    《易经》  I-Ching (the Book of Changes)

    登高节  Height Ascending Festival

    赏菊  enjoying the flourishing chrysanthemum

    中国生肖  the Chinese zodiac

    五行  the Five Elements

    算命  fortune telling

    护身符  talismans

    相手术  palmistry

    相面  face reading

    Unit 8

    绢花  silk flower

    漆器  lacquer wares

    景泰蓝  cloisonné enamel

    青铜器  bronze wares

    唐三彩  the Tang tricolor ceramics

    盆景  bonsai

    司线戊方鼎  Simuwu Quadripod

    陶器  earthenware

    新石器时代  the Neolithic Age

    刺绣  embroidery

    钟鼎文  inscription

    甲骨文  tortoise shell script

    Unit 9

    岁寒三友  three friends of winter

    君子四艺  the four skills of a learned scholar to pursue

    挂轴  hanging scroll

    工笔画  gongbi or meticulous brushwork

    山水画  landscape painting

    国粹  quintessence of Chinese culture

    小篆  the Small Seal Script

    隶书  the Official Script
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