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  • Anna
    Anna wrote:
    Hi everyone! I plan to take my vacation for about nine days in Tibet at the end of July. Looking for partners here.

    1, my work time is fixed, so I can’t change the time of my vacation, probably it will be from 24th,July to 1st,August. but if ur vacation is longer than me, we can meet in Tibet without sharing the flight or train.

    2, u can be boy(s) or girl(s), better within 4 people in total, to make it convenient to rent car for some route. I have a friend runs a small hotel in Lasa, so it’s convenient to get good suggestions.

    3, if u have ur own plan for the trip/route, u r also welcome to share it with me.

    Contact me for details by email, anna.mj@163.cn .
    Good luck everyone!
  • Anna
    Anna wrote:
    correct my email : anna.mj@163.com

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