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  • 赛博 - Saibo
    赛博 - Saibo wrote:
    I'm sure most foreigners have been there:

    even in your own country, when you go to have a haircut, the difference between what you have in mind, the way you say it, the way the guy interprets what you said and finally what he actually does with your hair makes any single haircut a high risk operation.

    So when on top of that you have to do it in Chinese, the first haircut you get here is pretty scary.

    And actually that "fear" of getting everything screwed up doesn't go away with the number of times you get that haircut. The only solution I've found to get over it is to have a beard trimmer and feel ready to shave my head when I'll go back home if needed.

    This being said, I'd like to know:
    1- if I'm mentally deranged or if other people have this weird fear of getting a haircut in Beijing
    2- if anyone can recommend a good hair salon where ppl can speak english (that's for a friend, I still like to give myself a chance to have a good reason to shave my head)
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Haha, so true. I always shave my head.

    But I think most of the stylists in Sanlitun speak English.
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahahaha ... let's just say that even for someone like me, who speaks poor Mandarin, getting a haircut was a bit of a drama .. the profile photo as you see, was taken in May 2007 ... I am a sweater, so I prefer short hair even in winter time, and for that particular afternoon, I asked for "duan, hen duan" ... one of the hairdressers in the shop happened to walk past, and I said "gen ta yi yang jiu ke yi le", and wa-la ...

    I dont know of any salon with people who can speak English, but if you want style cut, places like Wang Fu Jing, might be a good bet ... yes and Tun too ...
  • ❤Pinkbubble❤
    1..Same to Chinese.
    2.I know there is a good hair salon in Sanlitun. They can speak English and French. The most important thing is they know what kind of hair styles suit for foreigner. Go through The Village and there is a two floor building.There is a cafe next to the salon.Sorry I forget the name.╮(╯▽╰)╭
  • Simen Wangberg
    "They're just much more talented, not to mention much cheaper."

    I can't say anything about their talents, but it's certainly way cheaper here, and I've never been disappointed.

    A couple of solutions:

    1. Hold your hair out + indicate by pinching the hair in the middle how long you want it to be. Obviously if you want something more complicated, you'll have to find a more creative solution.
    And really, you don't need to know much Chinese to indicate what you want - if you point to the correct side and say "这边再短一点" (zhei4 bian1 zai1 duan3 yi1 dian3, "this side a little bit shorter"), they'll know what to do. It's worked for me before.

    2. Bring in pictures! Lots of people do this. The next time I get my hair cut, I'm going to take pictures of each side and put them on my iPod so I can just show the shifu how I want it to be done. SORTED.
  • xxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxx wrote:
    I know a place in Guomao and another one in Sanlitun, the one in Guomao is owned by foreigners, i don't know about the one in Sanlitun though, anyway, they speak English in both places, but its a lot more expensive.
  • Daniel Westerberg
    hehe one of the first newspaper articles I managed to read in Chinese was about a guy feeling depressed so he went to the hair salon and explained that he wanted a hair cut that would make him feel happy again.. he got a "Pineapple head" :D the guy started fighting in the salon :P

    anyway, haircuts in china is a bit scary, they never get the sideburns right :p either different length or too short when they try to "even them out one time to many" but the price is nice. I get 10+ haircuts in China for the same price as one in Sweden and in Sweden they would never wash your hair before and after or massage your back while waiting :)
  • Mathew Abisai
    Mathew Abisai wrote:
    I offer Free haircuts to Africans in 北京 because the chinese guys in the salons dont know how to cut our hair
  • Børge Notkevich
    Last hair cut was at Rich by a korean hair dresser, which was recommended by the girls at work. The hair dresser couldn't speak English or very much Chinese. However I was very happy with the cut.
  • ****
    **** wrote:
    i've been 3 years in beijing and i never went to a chinese haircut dresser and never will, my girlfriend do it for me and she is pretty good.

    mainly because the first year i was studying chinese and a friend of mine whom i was used to see with half long hair sunddenly came a morning with a chinese hair cut, and it was so scary! he looked like a girl!, i think i got traumatize by chinese hair cut dresser since then
  • Christian Hansen
    At the beginning it was frustrating because I never got what I wanted... the only thing for sure was that at the end I would get a "dragon ball/naruto/captain Tsubasa" hair style hahaha.
    However, after some time, I got used to it and now those crazy styles are the ones I ask; hilarious isn't it?

  • Jhon
    Jhon wrote:
    haha every time when i go to get a hair cut, i take a picture with me to let them know what kind of hair cut i want. lolzz .. and still they cant make it some times..
    it hv always been a big trouble for me to get a hair cut in hair saloon where they can't speak english..
  • Iain Bonner
    Iain Bonner wrote:
    haha, good thread. i'm coming up for the cut, and feeling the fear. it will be my first in China.

    i have one rule that has seen my through so far, and man i've been gripped by fear in that seat before.

    the one rule i have is:

    if i like the hairdressers shoes, everything will be alright

  • Natasha Bowen
    Natasha Bowen wrote:
    Yes, you are normal it is fear lol.. I went to a standard hair salon and I ended up walking back after 5 mins of leaving the place and having them shave it all off to the skin.. this happened twice to me. There is always Toni and Guy thou Im not looking to spend my rent money on a hair cut... ( I have not walked into toni and guy so I cant back up that statement ).

    This is where I go, its pretty legit.. they have foreign staff as well as Chinese.


    one stop destination for all your hair care needs. Come experience our young talented and vibrant staff. We offer a variety of services including hair treatments, cuts, coloring, styling and we even do Afro hair. From hair cuts to dreads we cover the scope of the hair universe.

    Come experience the difference.

    Cut - RMB60-120

    Perm- 280-680
    Perm- 480-1200

    Color- 280-700
    200- 400
    300- 500

    One World Apartment shop 116 By SOS International Clinic Xinyuanly Road Chaoyang district, Beijing.

  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    I just need one to keep my Afro alive. Anyone know of it?
  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    It is a 60's and 70's style. That of the days of the Jackson 5.
  • Natasha Bowen
    Natasha Bowen wrote:
    for dreads you go to exactly the place I posted above.. I saw a guy get em done while I was there getting the got into a fight with a lawn mower haircut lol
  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:
    I've only had one horrendous haircut in China so far...which is surprising because all of the people that have cut my hair here were incredibly apprehensive about following my instructions! (I have a fairly high-undercut as my hair is thick enough to not look like I'm a 50-year-old dude with hair-loss problems)
  • Natasha Bowen
    Natasha Bowen wrote:
    yea np.. Yea the guy who came in to get it done, it wasnt his first time.. it was repeat business stretching back time ...Good place...the owner is not afaird to show up and get his hands dirty... the staff are cool as well... let me know when you are going I may come with, I get a cut once every 15 days, hell this reminds me I miss back home.. I get haircuts for free from my friend in my apartment lol
  • Natasha Bowen
    Natasha Bowen wrote:
    actually why are you getting dreads in the summer... I dont recommend it, not with the beijing heat waves, your going to get alot of ance when you sleep, your dirty sweaty hair is gonna go on your pillow and then your cute face... plus it wont look good on you, get braids and get them only on one side of your head... that suits your style way more...
  • Natasha Bowen
    Natasha Bowen wrote:
    no i love bald girls as well one of my previous girlfriends did that.. it actually saved our relationship, thou if you are doing it for a new life start, I suggest you dont waste it. I suggest you just donate it all to women with cancer... then when people do start to attack you or question you on why you have no hair and believe me girls will hate on you hard, rather than ending up with negative energy, you will get positive feedback and collect respect like you ran a marathon or gave away a kidney... think on it, think on it hard.. and when a little bit ( less than 1 cm ) of hair grows back, get designs.. like a tattoo almost.... DO IT, Im excited for you... more power to you... my Respect level for you just went up, for thinking out loud and thinking brave :)
  • Natasha Bowen
    Natasha Bowen wrote:
    yea its more of a foohawk, these current haircuts I rock are me being very conservative.. I use to shave on side bald to the skin.. the other side bad ass designs and the top just intense.. I looked like I came out of battle.. thou now Im getting older... its not respectable, I only do them now at big concerts then shave it bald the next day... my hair grows fast too... yea its good it means our bodies recover fast... Do your nails grow fast as well..?? How many times a day do you eat..?
  • 事与愿违
    事与愿违 wrote:
    There's a hair artist here,but I don't know how about his salon,I think you can chat with him.
    http://weliveinbeijing.com/profile/profilenew.rails?Uid=100121695 this's his profile
  • KIANU.Lee
    KIANU.Lee wrote:
    im korean hair artist.. work at near renmin univ ~ sure i can say eng~ price..? well..if u say to..from "wlib" let me give to discount..^^;; give me msg~ ah~if u got taxi from wudakou to our hair salon it cost 22rmb..
  • N-Die 北京的法国人

    If you don't mind spend a bit money for your haircut, You can try Toni&Guy Dawanlu, Sanlitun or Wangfujing ;)

    around 150-200 for an haircut (man) compare to chinese local hairdresser are more cheaper

  • Stefan
    Stefan wrote:

    I found it quite pleasent to get an haircut and half an hour head massage in China. Compared to London Whitechaple sheep shearing hair cut process...or Lake Side Shopping centers arrogant hair stylists..anyway, in my opinion, thumbs up to Chinese hair saloon! The result will always be a suprize, but the service is excellent ;)



  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    Just bring a picture of a movie star or someone with the haircut you want, and then go to a hair salon where you pay more than 15 RMB for a cut (Unless you know the person at the 15 RMB place can give good cuts)

  • 哥们
    哥们 wrote:

    I think I figured out the problem in the past 5 years:

    the guy who cuts your hair is not the one who sees you coming in (with your current style) and washes your hair.

    they just see a wet bunch of hair.......which inspires them to do something (whether you speak Mandarin or not)

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