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  • 赛博 - Saibo
    赛博 - Saibo wrote:
    Hi all,

    Ok, let me explain a bit for those who don't know about it.

    Firefox (via an addon called GreaseMonkey) and Chrome allow the users to install some very little script addons that help improve the experience you have on some websites. You can find a lot of those scripts HERE.

    That's for the short explanation. Now I've made one for WLIB that currently brings the following enhancements:
    * Forum Reply: I always find that reply box in the forums to be to small. Some browsers allow you to resize it, some don't. Now with this script, the size adapts as you type in so that you don't need to scroll in that tiny little box again.
    * User Search: if you're on the forum and click in the user search box the "Search..." text disappears. But it does not work from some other pages. Now works from everywhere.
    * Scroll to last read: Whenever you visit a forum thread and come back here later, the script will directly bring you to the last post written last time you did visit that thread. Note: this will get fucked up by deleted comments and only works on 1 computer, if you visit a page from another computer, and come back to the first one, it'll bring you to the last comment read on this computer.

    Now to get all that goodness, you need to use Chrome or Firefox and install the GreaseMonkey extension.
    Then you go to this page and click on the "Install" button.

  • Joakim Berg Solum
    I'm not quite sure how to feel about this. On one hand, these could be some pretty decent user enhancements. On the other hand, do we really use this site enough to need 3rd party utilities to modify it?

    Seriously, can't we just get some pagination? Please? Save the server!
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Hm. I guess GreaseMonkey is available for Opera too, which happens to be my choice of browser. I might try it out, I've never heard of GreaseMonkey before but it looks pretty cool. I'm old school and usually just build a custom IE based browser around something I want to automate, although I realize this is horribly inefficient nowdays... hahaha
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    @Thorstan: Java, motherfucker! Do you speak it?
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    I don't really mind the scrolling part, I just hate how much bandwidth is being wasted to load all those user profile photos and all the text that goes along with 200 messages...
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Since we're back to griping about the site... the new gallery layout sucks. The old one was better... the new one could work better too if you integrate the gallery photo instead of just the name.

    And I'd rather see galleries ordered by reverse order (newest galleries displayed first) instead of oldest first. Doesn't that make more sense logically? People generally want to show off their newest pictures instead of forcing everyone to scroll to the bottom to see the latest additions.

    Now that, I'm sure shouldn't take much effort to change the gallery display. Flip the SQL from ASC to DESC and that should be it right?
  • Joakim Lund Rangel
    SQL is flipped to DESC now.

    Will upload the last changes next monday :)
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    @Jo, wow, quick customer service response time.

    You guys need an extra dev? :P
  • Jenelyn Tambago
    is there a way to change the background using javascript or something in the description area? I noticed it use some sort of HTML code but it changes too fast to notice or save it before it reads it....

    anyone? a clue?
  • Jenelyn Tambago
    Settings > Theme > It sucks...i've seen it before already...

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