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  • Chaton Du Nounours
    Chaton Du Nounours wrote:
    All about World Cup~! ! !
    Everyone love World Cup~!!!
    not only about football~
    reason to carnival~ chance to scream~ stage to look at handsome guys~ time to stay up and drink with bodies~
    anyway, we love World Cup ! ! !
  • №❶ Passioη
    "stay up and drink with bodies"? ... sounds like rehearsals for a zombie / horror movie :D

    Anyway, you females have your reasons to love the worldcup ( or, the players ;) ... I would sound nothing less than gay if I agreed with you hehe

    but I only love that round thing chased around by players ;) if you know what I mean
  • №❶ Passioη
    Ok, I was only saying it's more appropriate for female to go chasing "balls" ... than for male to do that...

    After all, the world-cup itself contains neither red wine nor scotch... so it's not worth playing for ;)

    Remember, there's this 1 match waiting ;)

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