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  • Mandy.lee
    Mandy.lee wrote:
    Well,i dont know is there anybody talk abt AL,or like him,but today when i heard his voice,OMG,it's amazing~~of course my poor eng wont describe it~~ i just wanna type all these feeling~haha i know it's weird,freak mayb,whatever,and i'm not his fan or sth,just like his voice and his courage to admit his sexual preference~~
    No ad,u can check this if u want: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTY4ODMxOTc2.html
    by the way,i like this mv,one body,two differ moods,one soul~~
    ok,finish chatter,back to bed with this song,whataya want from me??
  • Kristoffer Sommer Wormsen
    iM also his big fan since saw him came out from Amarican idol......of his amazing high picth and wild wild live show.holly shit!!!! not weird at all.he's so talent.!what regret,he's GAY.

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