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  • Ted Ribbons
    Ted Ribbons wrote:
    Hey all,
    I know that being outside the red, white and blue means that I am now a minority of people who watch (or know) what the NFL is. Regardless I was wondering if anyone was up for doing a fantasy league for this upcoming season?

    other than that: Go Britain! (for the football everyone else knows about)
  • A Winona
    A Winona wrote:
    where do you go for watch the game ?
  • Monica Jakobsen

    whats your favoite team? ive always got chips on the NY giants.

  • Dan
    Dan wrote:
    I'd be down for a fantasy league for sure! And same question: I just got back to Beijing a few weeks ago, previously the only NFL games I watched in Beijing/Guangzhou were Super Bowls. My Packers will be good this year, and I hope to catch as many games as possible, any specific places to watch games that you know of??
  • hanna kelle
    hanna kelle wrote:
    i like it....but my body is poor....maybe watch it by internet is a good idea

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