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    Yourcareerchina wrote:
    Reference: YIC10-030
    Please send Us your photo +CV
    Job Title: Software Language Proofreading and Testing ( full training will be provided)
    You Don’t pay any fees for applying this position
    Location: Beijing ,Hai dian
    Salary: ¥ 50,000 - ¥ 180,000 per annum + benefits (please see the very bottom)
    Company Profile:
    This is a famous International IT company
    You can contact with us if you can speake languages:Canadian French, Slovak, Norweigian, Turkey , Estonia.
    The Project objective is to further enhance the localization testing process for a famous mobile device manufacture. Specifically, there will be the following testing tasks for multiple software release on hardware.
    1. You will be fully trained to do the job ( this is simple as Reading in your language)
    2. You will be involved in proof reading, editing and addressing the layout of the softer ware ( just like using your own mobile phone, to see if the language you see is correct )
    3. You will find Bugs and mistake spellings of the software and provide report in a daily basis to your manager
    • Language testing
    • Layout testing
    • Functional testing
    • Translations on Mobile phone related materials
    • Language Quality control in testing.
    • Language Schedule control in testing.
    • Finding defects and writing error report
    • Error verification
    • Configure the related settings and environment for testing.

    1. Native speaker of the Required Languages
    2. Linguistic or technical education or related subject ,if you do not have relevant education then experiences count.
    3. Basic knowledge of technologies under testing: Email, Blue Tooth,
    4. Linux but not compulsory, full training will be provided.
    5. Testing experience, preferably mobile devices
    6. Good written & spoken English skills
    7. Can take responsibilities and work under pressure us a must

    Starting date: 5th July 2010
    Duration: 6 to 12 month ( we need some casual staff as well)

    What we offer
    1. An informal, dynamic, and creative environment where you can grow and develop
    2. Subject matter variety for long-term employment
    3. The opportunity to work with a young, international team
    4. Internal training
    5. Flexible working conditions
    6. Beautiful seaside travelling ( on weekend organized by YIC)
    7. Working visa for qualified candidates
    8. Up to 10,000 Yuan per month based on experiences and commitment + bonus
    9. Networking events. You will enjoy our networking with other international staff, once every 2 weeks. Events can be group travelling to seaside or mountain, group dinner in fancy restaurant
    10. You will be provided with private language partner to learn Chinese
    11. Paid holiday for 12 month employment
    12. Medical and accident Insurance will be offered to 12 month employment contract

    Contact : Brian Orourke
    Skype: your.internship.china
    Attention please: Photos with CV will be required.

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