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  • 三三Veronica Wang
    三三Veronica Wang wrote:
    I'm spending my summer in beijing and trying to make some pocket money.
    so if anyone in beijing wants to learn chinese plz let me know and we can talk about the tuition fee later
    I can teach beijing style mandarin and formal mandarin ~~

    i live in haidian btw
  • №❶ Passioη
    Baby Wang... don't mind the bunch of loosers on this website.. we're the most unreliable people to throw a mandarin learning topic at (especially when it involves a fee)... the following reasons may make it clear:

    1. There have been too many topics of the same context
    2. We (the bunch of loosers) have access to free tuition of the same nature.
    3. "Chinese tutoring" is most often used as an excuse by 'desperate girls'.
    4. Foreigners are simply reluctant to wanna learn - because Chinese are already getting more and more proficient in the use of foreign languages.
    5. It's a new boring week and we (loosers) have so much else on our minds

    Since you live in Haidian, I would suggest you join some general language exchange activities usually held on weekends - in a reading cafe, university campuses (like BLCU, Tsinghua or something), you could get to make new friends and someone will find you as a reliable language exchange companion.

    However, if you just invented a robot that could do the job effectively, or new ingested medicine that could automatically integrate a complete knowledge of hanzi reading and writing in the brain. I would be the first to write you a check. :D
  • 三三Veronica Wang
    ok. i'm not the 'desperate girl' and i was just trying to find a summer job
    thx a lot for ur reply and suggestion
  • Carwyn Morris
    Carwyn Morris wrote:

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