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  • 袜子
    袜子 wrote:
    My Internet experience has been very harmonious lately. This does not sit well with me. Does anyone have any free solutions to this problem? I'll probably pony up the cash for a real proxy at some point in the future, but I need to access YouTube TODAY. It's that important. HALP? Freegate/Hotspot Shield/Puff don't appear to be working anymore.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    You got someone in another country who can leave a computer on for you and give you unrestricted access at all times? You can make your own VPN/proxy server very easily with freely available software. That's how I got things set up... a shitty old computer in my parents house that is always turned on and I can log into that via VPN and surf the web through my own proxy.
  • Simen Wangberg
    Damn, that does sound sharp. Don't think I know anyone that can help me make that happen though. I don't know enough nerds. Shiz.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    It's actually pretty elegant. I have it set up so you have to configure your browser to hit a certain port to access the proxy.

    In this way, I can use say Google Chrome to access the internet behind the great firewall and use Opera or Firefox to access the internet from the overseas proxy server. Most of those other VPN services reroute all of your traffic including MSN, torrent streaming and all web page access through the proxy but with this set up you only use the proxy for sites that require it.

    If anyone wants to do something like that, let me know and I'll see if I can walk you through it. Only requirement is that you need unrestricted access to a computer in a diff country. Or if you are tech savvy, you can probably do the same thing with a cheap wireless router and DD-WRT, although currently I'm not 100% sure how you'd connect to something like that with a dynamic IP address. Probably have to use a service like dyn-dns or something. Anyways, I'm probably just talking to myself at this point huh?
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    Is there anything wrong with using the VPN to handle torrent and IM traffic?
  • Simen Wangberg
    Nah, that makes sense...unfortunately, I don't think I know anyone that actually fits that particular requirement. Hmmm.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    @Dando, actually routing torrent traffic through a VPN might be a good idea. Privacy concerns and whatnot. But for IM traffic... those large public and free VPN services always gave me problems with IM and Gmail, especially QQ. A lot of people use free VPN's to send out spam so they require captchas or other manual user verification to log into your email or your IM client. It gets annoying after a while.
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    I'm paying about 60 bucks year for witopia, though, and it really seems to accelerate most traffic. I haven't had any problems with captchas.
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    I'm guessing this thread wasn't harmonized only because of it's hilariously clever title which flew under the radar? Pete's gonna be mad tho...
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    Either that or I was out all day trying to be a normal person doing things like walking, engaging in face-to-face conversation with other people and eating food.

    Just communicate about proxies privately, please. It's on our no-no list sent down from the Man.

    Sorry to disappoint you.
  • Simen Wangberg
    "I'm guessing this thread wasn't harmonized only because of it's hilariously clever title which flew under the radar?"

    Precisely why I titled it as such, and tried to remain vague in my original post. My bad Pete - this thread gonna get real harmonious right about now.

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