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  • Jimi
    Jimi wrote:
    7 years, today, ago i took up residency in Beijing.
    how long have you been around?
    How long do you intend to stay?

    After all the work, friends, beers, smoke, hash, traffic, amazing sights, complaints, dragging my sorry ass back to the states, visas, language,RMB etc

    finally i can say that this place really rocks.

    I never lived in a place like beijing.

    Some may ask what was/were the highligh(s)?

    But according to my current "market value", some may not give a fuck.

    I think the best thing about the past 7 years here in Beijing was my previous band
    Raging Mob. I started that project but walked away in order to work harder.

    Another is all the people I have got to know. Some I hate and others I love.
    This city reminds me a lot of Chicago. WIth all the diversity in ethnic backgrounds.

    I am glad to have WLIB because i was so fucking tired to thebeijinger. at least here we have some depth and many love/hate types of conversations.

    If i were to go back and do it all over again I would have to say I would not trade any of it.

    he ping

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