• COOL 凉快
    COOL 凉快 wrote:
    Well, i have realized that some threads get horribly long and getting up to the main tabs is a problem. Can the administration devise means of having a tab down there to get us up at once?
  • Joakim Berg Solum
  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    ohhh, thanks man.
  • Simen Wangberg
    Yep. Also, if you press the Alt key + F4 key at the same time, it'll take you to the main forum page. Pretty useful shortcut.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    That's what the back button is for...

    Although honestly, the lack of paging is disturbing. If nothing else it's a massive waste of server bandwidth when the threads go over 150 replies. If this were my site, paging would be first priority on my list of improvements to be made and programatically, unless this site does something funky with the way it draws screens, it's basically just a few simple changes in the SQL query isn't it? You've already got paging for the thread display in every category (although honestly, I don't like the way that's implemented either. Maybe it's a tradition Web 1.0 point of view but a Next Page button is a lot more useful to me than a Show More button.)
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Use the Opera Mobile browser. I'm pretty sure it caches pages so that going back just reloads the cache instead of actually reloading the whole page. Or have I been punk'd? haha

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