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    合气道武道 上海 - 岩間合気道 / Aïkido Budo Shanghai – Iwama method

    学习真正的 武産合気道,由合气道开创者 植芝盛平 最得意的门生及传承者 斉藤守弘 发扬光大的传统的合气道在岩間。
    - 空手,棍,剑,刀。
    Study authentic Takemusu Aïkido, following the traditional method developed in Iwama by Morihiho Saito, closest student and heir of the founder Morihei Ueshiba .
    - bare hands, Japanese sword, stick, knife.

    授课/ Teacher: Antoine Simonin (安盾) 法国

    道場/ Dojo: No.2, Lane 591 Nanjing Xi Lu, Nanjing Xi Lu station near SMG
    南京西路 591弄2号近上海电视台

    时间/Time: 星期三/Wednesday 19 -21h
    星期日/Sunday 14-16h

    学费/Fees: 300元/月/ Month*
    150元/月/ Month for student (持学生证的学生/with presentation of a student card)*

    联系方式/Contact: aikidobudoshanghai@gmail.com

    网页/International website: www.itaf-international.org

    *半年及以上一次性支付学费,立即20%的优惠/Get 20% off if semi-annual payment.
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    sorry dude, we are all in beijing.
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    so christoph, when you will make up your mind and retire ! and pass your 功夫 to me ?
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    can u afford it? ;)
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    the whole collection of 金庸 大侠 and plus 阿拉蕾 and 七龙珠?what do you think ? we make a deal ?
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