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  • Zhaohong
    Zhaohong wrote:
    The Loser, according to the film reviews on internet, this film was one of top 10 in May. Maybe because the head leader of this movie is edited as animated film, it is like the heading of 蛊惑仔-one hongkong film. The more I watched, the more I feel this movie is hk style, the story, the action design, everything. But I am wondering if hk movies become more and more international, or if Hollywood needs more inspiration from Asia.

    无间道VS The departed. When I first watched the American 无间道,I really hope I could find more innovation. It disappointed me. But it won the OSCAR awards, does it mean you guys never noticed or watched HK movie before, which are very important part of Asian movie industry?
    咒怨VSThe Grudge. Japanese, I always think they are the best to make horror film, they genius in doing this job. I never watched American 咒怨, I don't think it can go beyond original one on scary part design.

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