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  • Undermoonlight
    Undermoonlight wrote:
    The orginal news is in Chinese: http://news.qq.com/a/20100530/000610.htm

    ...Just doing some complementary job for China Daily to entertain our foreign freinds and guests~Here's my translation:
    A family in Changling County (in Jilin Province, Northeast----a place cultivating the ferocious Dongbei brothers) was convinced by a Daxian (the Great Immortal; just like witches in the western cultures) that the host of the family was possessed by a ghost of a distant relative and that they should use tree twigs and palms to slap the ghost out of his body. When they were doing the holy job, one of their relatives happened to call on them. The poor pal was immediately caught and slapped by the family members for the same purpose. He eventually escaped and called the police. The unfortunate policemen dispatched were stopped, however, to enter the house by the family members, and two of them got injured.

    I. Holding axes and forks to prevent anybody approaching their house
    On May 18, the Public Security Bureau of Changling County recieved a telephone call claiming that all members of a family in a village just collectively went mad----they just held axes, forks and scythes standing in their house, and when they saw people passing by, they cursed them. As for those who attempted to approach their house on purpose, they just simply beat the hell out of them. (I'm laughing so hard~~~it's really cool stuff)
    Li Qinghe, chairman of the Trade Union of the bureau (COOL agian), led his men from four departments (the Public Security Maintenance Unit, the Patrol Unit, the National Security Maintenance Unit and the local police station) of the bureau (quite a parade, I guess) marching towards the village.
    Li and his men locked up the area surrounding the family house and tried to approach the house for initiating a negotiation, and were told, "Whoever approaching or entering the house will be killed."

    II. The use of tear gas
    After more than 3 hours of confrontation, the ferocious Dongbei brother family still didn't give in, despite so much persuading work done by the police. Finally, the deputy director of the bureau arrived at the scene, and they decided to use tear gas. The first tear gas container was thrown back to the policemen by the family members (Wow!), and the policemen got a handful to suffer----their tears went down earlier than the Dongbei brothers and sisters of the family, but the bothers and sisters were eventually driven out of the house by the second one.

    III. Two policemen wounded
    However, things got more intense and out of control, when the family members rushed out of the house with all the sharp weapons at hand: the daughter came first, holding a scythe, and then the ghost-possessed father brandishing a thrust spear----they rushed separately from the door and the window; the hostess with one hand holding high an axe and another a scythe and the son with a fork (seems the male heir of the family is more low-profile) followed.
    ~Sorry, can't finish this, my wife has issued her last warning on my right to have the dinner~
  • TonyDice
    TonyDice wrote:
    great story, looking forward to part 2
  • Undermoonlight
    The "Ferocious" Four beat every body in their sight. During the battle (probabaly, tussle, to be more precise), the deputy director of the county police bureau was wounded on his back (a 10 cm long wound); the chief of the Public Secutiry Maintenance Unit's helmet was thrusted by a fork (penetrated, but his head didn't get hurt), and his arms were severely hit and bruised (probably, he's using his arms to fend off the attacks).
    Of course, finally, they were subdued.

    IV. It's all Daxian's (witches) fault
    The beaten and confused policemen were so surprised that, after a while, the four acted like nothing happened. They said, "It's OK." "We won't beat people any more." "We will live our life well and build a new house."

    Further investigation showed that the family was very superstitious, and they almost belived every words that came out of Daxian's mouth.

    Several years ago, they asked Daxian to treat the hostess' disease, and it cost them more than 4,000 yuan (quite a sum for ordinary Dongbei brothers and sisters); last year, they invited Daxian to perform taoist rituals (or ceremonies) in their house for several times, on which they spent all the poverty relief fund that the government had allocated to them (more than 3,000 yuan).
    On May 12, they invited Daxian(the great immortal) and Erxian (the second great immortal) to perform the ritual again, and this time, the holy words from Daxian are: in the following consecutive 5 days, no one shoud be allowed to get out of the house or enter the house.
    Under the commandment of the two "immortals", the four stayed in the house and totally devoted themselves to the holy business. During the ceremony, the mother, along with the daughter and the son, treated the father as the one possessed by the outside ghost, and they stripped him naked and slapped him with tree twigs and palms.
    On May 20, the Ferocious Four, accompanied by their relatives and policemen, went to the Gongzhuling Municipal Hospital, and was diagonosed the intermittent mental disease.
    The 42-year-old Daxian (female) was arrested by the police in the neighboring county; she passed out (seen as being possessed by the gods or ghosts in Taoism----but no longer being able to command her believers) as soon as she was handcuffed.
    On May 21, the 71-year-old Erxian (male) delivered himself up to justice.
    However, Daxian is still in the hospital, and the police has no way to get her into official custody.
    ...The end...
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    Apparently the cultural revolution didn't do a good enough job in curing people of religion...
    If only there was some type of middle road between religious and nationalist zealotry.
  • Daniel Westerberg

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