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  • Kayi
    Kayi wrote:
    I am a Ugandan teacher aged 33.I have a Diploma and a Degree in Education majoring in English Language and Literature in English. I have taught English and literature in English for the past ten years at different levels.

    During this time, i worked as an assistant lecturer of literature in English at The National Teachers Institution Mubende in Uganda. Here, i also worked with the module development department, where we developed different modules of both English and Literature in English for different years along the course of attaining a teachers Diploma. This included setting different English grammar modules for different levels at the institution. I was teaching teachers to become good teachers of English and Literature.

    I worked as the Director of studies at Lubiri High School. This involved making the school teachers time table, test periods and extra activity programs. I have taught different books of literature from around the world, including William Shakespeare plays and sonnets. Literature also involves the critical analysis of plays and novels, characterization, setting, themes or subject matter and the plot.

    I am good at teaching English grammar that includes sentence structures, clauses, tenses, parts of speech, articles, and written English that includes, narrative essays, descriptive, argumentative, expository essays, letters, minutes of meetings, memos and summaries. I was teaching pupils from different back grounds, with different first languages.

    I also worked as a features editor in one of the leading newspapers in Uganda, and as a children's puzzle developer in the same company. I am good at editing and writing.

    I have a good background of economics and business as economics was one of my units at high school.

    I am a motivated, innovative and hard working man.

    I am looking for any job that requires any of the skills above.
    I will be grateful if any of the mates here has any connection to any job that i can do, or can employ me.

    Thanks much.


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