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  • Undermoonlight
    Undermoonlight wrote:
    3 kidnapped Chinese freed in Niger Delta
    From Chinadaily
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    LAGOS - Three kidnapped Chinese technicians were freed on early Saturday morning in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, an official from the Chinese Consulate General in Lagos said.

    The three male technicians, who worked for a Nigerian steel company, were kidnapped at 11 am local time (1000 GMT) on May 23 in Aba City, Abia state in southeast Nigeria, by unknown armed people. Other nine Nigerians were also abducted in the incident.

    They were freed at about 6 am local time (0500 GMT) on Saturday, the official said on condition of anonymity.

    They are in good condition and are expected to return to China soon, he said.

    The oil-rich Niger Delta of Nigeria has been restive for years with militants attacking both foreign oil facilities and workers.

    Over 300 foreigners have been seized in the Niger Delta since 2006. Almost all have been released unharmed after paying a ransom.

    The Chinese Consulate General in Lagos has asked Chinese citizens in Nigeria to be alert of the security situation. It advised Chinese not to go to the southeast part of Nigeria, like Abia state.

    The development came almost one week after a local police spokesperson told Xinhua last Saturday that four kidnapped Lebanese workers of a construction company in southern Nigeria have been released by their abductors.

    The Lebanese were kidnapped by gunmen dressed like soldiers on May 14 in the oil-rich Delta region.
  • Undermoonlight
    A Generalized conclusion: Nigeria is a very corrupted country full of gangsters and violence, and even his ambassy worker (claimed; by the name of Passion No.1 on this forum; ID needed to be further exmined) act like a gangbanger.
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    I expect a discussion on this topic adhering to logic, respect for opposing viewpoints and civility.

    On the second thought:

    You're going to need it, Undermoonlight.
  • Undermoonlight
    Let's see what will happen, haha~~
    No worries~I'm kind of immune to the African-style verbal abuses~
    ----It's just like watching other species of this planet in a safari...
  • Undermoonlight
    And maybe a little bit of nationalism:
    We Chinese have the right to be angry at this kind of savage behaviors!
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    The obvious solution is to arm everyone. Give the Chinese guns so they can fight back! Oh yeah....
  • Undermoonlight
    I must be really bored in this "Sleepy Sunday" (nice song, by the way) afternoon----provoking an African (Nigerian) Squad to attack me~~
    Just like in elementary school, we used to poke the fat dog of my neighbor with a long stick and see how it responded in those boring sunday afternoons~~
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    Nigeria...umm...I heard that it's a great country! a country with more than 100 million people, and an annual economic aggregate almost the same with...err...Beijing! amazing...
  • Undermoonlight
    The most entertaining thing is that a Nigerian scum (maybe, a relative of a corrupted official of the Nigerian government) came to Beijing, compared his lifestyle with Chinese tramps and got completely "DOZED" in his reverie----Nigeria being the richest country of the world~~~
  • Undermoonlight
    Seriously, being poor or undeveloped is not so shameful as acting ignorant and pretentious----from a Chinese point of view----maybe the cultural value shifts, when it comes to the greatest country in the world: Nigeria!!!
  • Undermoonlight
    Did you serve as the referee in the alleged duel between the Nigerian national hero and a British man? Don't get your talent wasted, haha~~
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    I don't know what I do half the time anymore, Undermoonlight. But yeah, thanks for the advice.
  • Undermoonlight
    Blow the whistle?...no, boxing-like games don't need a whistle, i guess...Maybe, send more recruited cheerleaders on the stage----Chinese volunteers----so many country girls (like Sister Caries 100 years ago in US) who throng Beijing in the hope of getting a better life would like to offer their bodily attraction and dynamics to such a Grand Event in exchange for some Vanity (?) and a few English words~
  • Pete DeMola
  • Undermoonlight
    By the way, about "undermoonlight"----damn, i just conveniently grabbed the first half of the email adress which I used to register here~~Now, it's become...So I'm more like a vampire or a lunatic?? Any other cultural implications? Haha~~
  • Simen Wangberg

    I say this every time I open any thread on this forum...ever. And what's why I keep coming back for more.
  • Pete DeMola
  • №❶ Passioη
    @ undermoonlight.,, hehe you may have had at least 2 sleepless nights to sum up what to say on forum. I'm sure you want me to say something here so I'll not disappoint you ;)

    First I don't understand why "3 kidnapped Chinese FREED" sounds to you like such a bad news. The other time 11 Chinese road workers were killed in afghan clashes, and so on... At least Chinese don't get killed in Africa like Africans get killed in china.

    Secondly, a significant truth you didn't mention in your multiple series of posts: the guns used in Nigeria to kidnap Chinese were manufactured in china, manufactured by Chinese, shipped to Nigeria with the hope that foolish Nigerians will rather use it to kill each other... Hm... so should we say: "what goes around comes around"?...

    Thirdly, the Chinese being kidnapped (very rarely) are only for some minor political issues and always well fed, well taken care of, and eventually released unharmed. I watched the victims on TV, they look healthier than they were before being kidnapped.., They were smiling and happy :)

    Could Nigerians / Africans / or any other blacks be so lucky when kidnapped or arrested by Chinese? Isn't is always death that follows? Then a make up story later to cover the acts of perpetrators...

    You talk of 3 Chinese who were kidnapped for a short time, and released in better health condition. I tell you 30 Nigerians were killed by Chinese authorities in prison - with no trial or judicial process (some arrested simply for overstay - such a minor immigration offense). Hmm, using phone to type so don't wanna dig up any news.., Google is your friend

    Good Luck to the Chinese, we wish them a safe return home... But I'm sure they'll not be happy to come back here to china because they make more money in Nigeria, and their labour rights are more respected working in Nigeria than in China.

    Long Live Politics, Long Live the Democratic Republic of Nigeria
  • №❶ Passioη
    @ Pete 0:

    Corruption statistics by country only portrays relative media control strengths. The truth is: All governments are corrupt and the media control freaks are the most corrupt ones as they have much to hide from the public. Going by this fact + a strong passion for internet censorship and control of information flow, It can easily be derived that China is the most corrupt country in the world... only using the so highly proclaimed economic growth and political stability to cover-up the crap... like wearing nice silk clothes after shitting but without really wiping your ass, the shit still stinks from under the silk. I'll tell you how:

    1. Don't go to China to work because your labour rights will be trampled upon to an extent that drive you to commit suicide (refer to foxcomm examples)

    2. Don't send your children to school in China because some mad Chinese man may just go visiting elementary schools and killing your children

    3. Don't give birth in Chinese hospitals because you may find your baby dead by the riverside after being used for experiments (refer to Shandong)

    4. Don't visit china because ethnic and religious clashes between uighurs and han which kill hundreds may kill you (refer to Xinjiang incidence)

    5. Don't bring your females to china else they will be raped and in some cases killed (refer to Xinji incidence)

    6. Don't fall for fake Chinese companies who ask you to send money through western union for them to transfer you goods in bulk. tricky bastards will disappear after getting the cash. Assholes

    ... just a few to mention. want more? or want references? please feel free to ask ...

    At least the people of africa are not wussies, they know when something is wrong somewhere and go against all odds... but it's a pity you'll live your whole life believing you come from a good country with less than 1% of the population high class, less than 3% hopeless bourgeoisie and the rest lower class or in absolute poverty... You're not able to see what's wrong with your country, but your eyes and mind will go 9,900KMs away to check what's wrong in Africa :D

    Too bad, So sad...
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    It's official. I now receive more Chinese spam mail asking me for my bank account information for an investment in a new male enhancement pill that I do spam mail from Nigeria telling me that I'm related to some overthrown prince that needs a bank account to hide his money in while his country persecutes him. What does that tell you? Looks like Nigeria was way ahead of the Chinese on the technology curve when it comes to scamming people and all the Chinese can do is copy this idea from the Nigerians.
  • Erik Aleksander Aas
    7. Don't look at a Chinese man's girlfriend you might just get beaten to a pulp with an iron pipe in a parking lot. (refer to WLIB team member incident)
  • Erik Aleksander Aas
    Can't argue with that. Bad things happen in all countries. I guess it just has to do with human nature.
  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:
    "Long Live Politics, Long Live the Democratic Republic of Nigeria"

    I think your country's official name is "Federal Republic of Nigeria" :-)

    "I tell you 30 Nigerians were killed by Chinese authorities in prison - with no trial or judicial process (some arrested simply for overstay - such a minor immigration offense). Hmm, using phone to type so don't wanna dig up any news.., Google is your friend"

    That would be appalling news if it were true. I do suspect this story you offered, but maybe I am wrong again about our government. Passion, could you please give some credible news links to prove what you said ?
  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:
    Oh, and I also hope you could explain these two things below:

    "Don't go to China to work because your labour rights will be trampled upon to an extent that drive you to commit suicide (refer to foxcomm examples) "

    Actually Foxconn is one of the best factories in China, that's why Apple and Dell and other big IT giants would like to give OEM job to it.

    There are FREE gym, swimming pool, internet room, etc. Workers are also free to choose to work overtime or not. Their payment is also much higher compared with other small factories.

    It's so sad to hear that 12 young people have committed suicide so far, but I don't think the main reason is because their labor rights violated.

    "Don't give birth in Chinese hospitals because you may find your baby dead by the riverside after being used for experiments (refer to Shandong) "

    I also heard this case, but not like what you describe. What kind of EXPERIMENTS had those babies suffered before dumping their bodies to the riverside? Could you tell us more?
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Maria: Based on the US news sites I read, what you say about Foxconn is not quite true.

    "Recent undercover reports into how workers at Foxconn are treated revealed that employees must sign a voluntary affidavit to waive the 36-hour legal limit on monthly overtime hours. Employees are willing to sign because without overtime, they cannot make a decent wage."

    Another article cites that Foxconn factory workers make an average of 900RMB a month. I know a guy who basically just stirs a pot full of soup half-time in Beijing and makes more than 900RMB a month. They claim the workers dire economic situation is a possible motivation for some of the suicides: Foxconn pays their family 10 times their annual salary (still, only a pitiful 100,000RMB) when they kill themselves and some people feel their families will benefit more from their death than their life. It's sad but just consider how privileged we are compared to an entry level factory worker.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Just as a side note: They are waiving a 36-hour legal limit. Even if they don't waive that limit, it means they are working up to 76 hours per 5 day week, averaging over 15 hours per day.

    Assuming they are getting 900RMB base salary (no mention of whether or not housing is provided in the package) for a 40 hour work week, that means they have to work an average of 14 hours per day, every day with no weekends in order to clear 2000RMB a month at 1.0x overtime pay. I'd assume Foxconn wouldn't pay more than 100% of regular pay for overtime hours or else they'd just hire night shifts instead, but I may be wrong.

    I might kill myself too if I were standing in a factory for 14 hours a day (that's 14 hours of work, 2 hours for food and 8 hours for sleep), repetitively snapping LCD screens onto iPhones for only 2k a month. Coincidentally, they would have to save their entire salary + over time pay for 2 months just to buy a single iPhone.
  • №❶ Passioη
    @ ..A Song.. Wow! it appears your proficiency in ignorance is deeper than I expected

    Thanks for that clarification Jon Gu. I usually choose not to store links of bad news about china nor any other country for that matter. It's neither interesting nor important to me...

    China has blocked the websites that carry the initial story about the killings of 30 Nigerians... but I could only open a follow-up but mixed story as the Chinese government insisted on cremating the bodies (to destroy all possibilities of autopsy / evidences against them)

    China insists on cremating 30 Nigerian bodies

    Nigerians only kidnapped and released 3 Chinese men unharmed (no torture or battering done to them), and you stay here making a lot of noise... do you know what Chinese do to Nigerians here? A Nigerian business man was also killed by police last year (beaten to death) for arguing with police on his right (and many more incidences indicating China's disregard for human rights and life)... After that you still think you can point fingers at others.

    Though China is known to be a peaceful country as judged by cities and smiling faces, the intensity and variety of cruelty in China far exceeds the record of what is practiced in any other country (including Nigeria). That's a fact.

    Those who understand this world well enough, those who have a brain to think for themselves, and those who're not natural born cowards will learn things for themselves rather than be conformists to everything their culture and government says. That too is a fact
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    Posting in a troll thread.

    PREPARE YOUR ANUS. Just some friendly advice.
  • Simen Wangberg
    Can't we just all agree that:

    1) Nigerians are unscrupulous, greedy thugs
    2) Chinese are unscrupulous, greedy thugs
    3) ...

  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:
    Jon Gu, The legal labor rights of those workers are well protected in Foxconn even though it’s within a very low standard compared to western countries. What you said about their low pay and having to work overtime to get a decent wage is absolutely true. That’s very common in most factories here. It could be one of the reasons to expedite their suicide intention.

    Foxconn follows Japan factory model. When people work on an assembly line for more than ten hours per day, it’s easily to feel themselves more like working machines instead of active people. Most those young workers come from rural places. They left their hometowns, choosing to fulfill their dreams in big cities. They want to change their lives and their families living conditions by working hard. Many of them don’t want to go back to their hometowns to do farm work like their fathers, but expensive living cost of big cities makes them so prone to be whelmed in sorrow that they could never have a place in cities by working in a factory.

    Depression is also contagious. When media reporting about the suicide cases, it also makes some workers who have psychological problems to follow this tragic trend.
  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:
    Passion, indeed, I am ignorant in so many things, and that’s why I ask you to bring more facts and evidence to shed light on me:-)

    You haven’t answered my another doubt about “What kind of EXPERIMENTS had those babies suffered before dumping their bodies to the riverside?” Now I just assume that you can’t find any evidence to back up your accusation. It’s very likely that you use your imagination to uglify this case in order to make Chinese look worse.

    You said “30 Nigerians were killed by Chinese authorities in prison - with NO trial or judicial process (some arrested simply for OVERSTAY - such a minor immigration offense).

    You spread this horrible rumor on forum and when I ask you to offer further evidence, you just tell me Chinese government blocked all the related news. (Clever tactic)

    That’s possible 30 Nigerians were executed, maybe because of drug trafficking? I just saw these kinds of comments in one forum, not sure if it’s true.

    You keep mentioning serious crime Chinese government commit such as “A Nigerian business man was also killed by police last year (beaten to death) for arguing with police on his right” without ever disclosing any evidence or credible news link. It’s not about if we should trust our government, it’s about if we should trust you!

    Probably you are just a troll, and you do whatever to attract bad attention towards you.
  • Undermoonlight
    "Probably you are just a troll..."
    You've eventually realized this fact. Such kind of scums are not worth arguing with. We Chinese have a better way to deal with this sort of things----my intention of posting this thread is to let him further SHOWCASE the absurdity and disgrace of his own----WE DON'T NEED TO DO INTERPRETATION FOR THE VIEWERS OF THIS THREAD.

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