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  • Jack
    Jack wrote:
    When I see the life of my ancestors, although they were not well educated but still they knew that how to respect the people and the values at that time, there was PEACE in their lives,
    on the other hand, as we are getting progress we are moving away from moral values, real love, nature and actually feel proud whenever break the government rules. Slangs like FUCK OFF, SUCKER, BITCH and many like these has become a part of our daily talk ... no real PEACE OF MIND in our lives

    CAN WE CHANGE IT? if YES then HOW?
  • Hanne Jensen
    Hanne Jensen wrote:
    I didn't mean that our ancestors were illiterate.. actually they were grown up well as compare to us... anyway, agree with u at the last statement but how can someone finish such excitement?
  • Daniel Westerberg
    hmm you do realize that our ancestors kind of went to war all the time, killed people for a lump of bread and used to traffic in slaves? as not to forget the black death (plague) and other terrible things that happened in the "old times".
    I think we have more peace in our lives than they did..
  • Hanne Jensen
    Hanne Jensen wrote:
    Daniel u said right but don't u think that it were our ancestors who realized their mistakes and tried to provide their next generation a better and peaceful future.. would we be able to enjoy this peace without their struggle? had we found this peace by ourselves?
    AND what are we doing for our nxt generation.. if I flash back into my past, my childhood was among kids, outdoor healthy games, school and learning through elders and parents.. but this age kids are getting what.. a big bank of books, video games, cyber cafe and etc...
  • Tommy Svane
    Tommy Svane wrote:
    maybe it is just a product of modern civilization,just like when we produce something, dregs will be left more or less, if we wanna get rid of these dregs, we need to prove the skill, but not sure all dregs will be gone, kinda reduce, and in fact, for a civilized society, the education is important, but most important is how parents act, that will have great influence on those future younglings
  • Daniel Westerberg
    Sounds like you want to sterilize a bunch of people..
  • Jojo G
    Jojo G wrote:
    ...uhmmmmmmmmm if there's an Equality on the distribution of the basic needs of a man such food,wealth,money or income etc...well things can change...
  • Hanne Jensen
    Hanne Jensen wrote:
    @ Jojo... yes, prosperity can help this world in this aspect...

    have u ever seen young university students belong to rich families driving expensive cars or bikes and feel proud after breaking the traffic signals? what can someone do for such wealthy and PERHAPS healthy guys?
  • Jojo G
    Jojo G wrote:
    ..a good governance of the law must prevail...
    ... a person committed such illegal actions must be punished...
    ......or a private organization(run by rich people) will take good care of her/him..
  • Jojo G
    Jojo G wrote:
    or if not maybe vigilantes can help harharhar......=)
  • Mari Vidste
    Mari Vidste wrote:
    J. Phillip, please tell us you are joking with this. Your ancestors thought they were moral degenerates with no peace in their lives too, and theirs before them. Every generation gets judgmental of itself for some reason, but it's a mistake. Ever heard of Adam and Eve? Yeah, humans have been having fun with rule-breaking for some time now. There's no moral progress or regress, only differences in the effectiveness of socialization. Now repeat after me: Fuck off! sucker! bitch!
  • Amalie Sæverud
    yeah, 柯南,exactly what I'm thinking, the nature law never really changed in human world or animal world! It's the same show played in front a different time and scene! That's " materially, we have made great progress, but naturally , we never changed!"

    We didn't invent slangs, they just cursed out in other format earlier! don't know the situation in west, but in China, we have " 竖子" for " Moron", "婊子" for " bitch", "婊子养的" for " son of bitch", "禽兽" for " mother fucker", and on and on and on, too long to make a list here! who knows, maybe the slangs will progress into more scientific way like" you genetic failure!" " you Y chromosome deficiency!" we just wait and see!

    btw, how to make a world a better place?
    I think it's better everyone just keeps his own life sytle or evil to himself!
    Like don't say slangs in front of babies!
    Wear condom each time you have sex!
    don't address sex liberty to who plans to save his or her virginity for marriage!
    a lot we can do to make the world a better place each day!
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    J. Phillip,
    You accursed mountebank! I bite my thumb at thee. Thy mother is a trollop, and thy father reeks of night soil.
  • Børge Notkevich
    the less we have the happier we are, back then, people had less, but in a way happier, and they had things they worked hard for.
    also, there were conflicts that happened, eg war, rebellions etc, which went on for years, till people realised what they liked and what they didn't, more important, they appreicated things more.
  • Hanne Jensen
    Hanne Jensen wrote:
    @ 柯南: ... u have ur own thoughts and I have mine... I don't like to think abt the negative parts from past, because it just give pain ...I am not saying that u r wrong but I can't follow u....
    @ Nikkie: thanks for ur statements at the end...
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Progress Vs happiness ... hahahaha ...

    The more progress we made as a species, or as part of the evolution, or as each individual, the more we will want ... whether that be money, power, love, intelligence, discoveries (in the name of science) ... etc etc etc ...

    We are happy if we can get what we want, whatever that might be ...

    So, my nonsense conclusion is that ... the more progress we made, the less happy we might be ...


    Our ancestors used candles instead of electriity...
    They went to bed when the sun goes down and wakes up before the sun comes up ...
    They had fire but not gas heater...
    They used animals as "engine" for their transport, and suffered no recall incidents, hahaha ...

    I wont say that they had less because they had everything they needed, but I will say that they had a much simpler life ...

    I wont say they were happier than us, but if they know what we have now, they would not be happy with what they had then ...

    So to answer the original question ...

    ... if we can be content with our lives and what we have, then we would be happier, but the "progress" might need to slow down ...

    ... but then, that's just me!
  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    Change starts with you. How have you changed yourself. SO if you do change, people will look up to you as an example. The worst of all is that you said the very words that cause nausea. Then there will be no change.
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:
    progress itself is an illusion.
  • Undermoonlight
    Agree with the lady(?) upstairs~Sometimes, i think progress is something that those mind-controlers come up with to convince people to comply with certain standards...But on the other hand, we do enjoy laying on more comfortable couches and watching bigger TVs...life is always paradoxical, and diversity is real...So my conclusion is that if someone announces that his/her belief/value is universally applicable, it's most likely that he/she is slinging bullshit...by the way, I saw some innocent Chinese girls on this forum claiming that Confucius is the greatest men in Chinese history----well, Confucius might be one of the best illusionists who came up with some ideas to please the "controllers" and fool the people----that's maybe what the man who posted this thread really means: he just wants to be controlled like puppies, he doesn't want any independent thinking of his own, he's the one to whom most of traditionalists give high praise, he is the responsible, obdient, old-school, reliable and probably, BEST person who will take the lead of the development of the entire human civilization~~~Why people just cannot figure it out? It is actually very simple----by injecting their ideas to your mind, they somehow get to control you...
  • Undermoonlight
    PS: I'm not a dissenter of the Chinese Government, and the Chinese Goverment is not as narrow-minded as some people think~~So please, if some scared foreign administrators who "sensitively" smell "bad politics" on my words, just relax~
  • Hanne Jensen
    Hanne Jensen wrote:
    @ 叮噹叔叔 : I like ur words and practical thoughts...

    @Undermoonlight: I can just predict from ur words that u r my compliment and I like such people.... ;-)
  • Xiao
    Xiao wrote:
    i don't know how my ancestors lived. but i tend to look at the bright side of my life now. what you mentioned is true but not enough to take PEACE away from my life. i mean our ancestors probably didn't think they had peace in life either just like what you think of our life now. so i suppose it's really how you see things that matters at last. if you think you have peace in life is more important than the fact if you really have it or not.
  • Erik Aleksander Aas
    I'd choose a majestic view of fauna and flora and the sound of nature over a couch and a big screen TV any day.
  • Hanne Jensen
    Hanne Jensen wrote:
    thanks for you all and comments..
  • Jenelyn Tambago
    Life is a cycle. It's been always like that. You can see Rome for example, even if once it was the cradle of progress and knowledge, it got rotten....
    The whole universe works like that, so even if our culture is getting worse, it will get better someday, maybe a high cost will be paid, like a war... or something...hope not
  • Hanne Jensen
    Hanne Jensen wrote:
    I wish too for no war, but truth is that there will be blood revolution some day, an dit is for sure...
  • Annie Ann
    Annie Ann wrote:
    After reading all of the comments, i'm actually a little bit concerned about our next generation. But hey, we don't know what's gonna happen in 2012, so let's just wait and see. hehe
  • Erik Aleksander Aas
    My advice. Live life to the fullest. Love like you've never loved before. Enjoy the gifts of life like it's your last day on earth. Have lotsa sex. Tomorrow it might all be over.
  • Rebecca Dreiling
    Disobeying the law and bragging about it is childish. Disobeying the law because you realize that the government and law is a *form* of illusion is progress.

    The "bad" words or phrases are only considered bad because of the negative emotion and connotation attached to them which has been passed on from generation to generation. The great thing (the progress) is I've met tons of people from other countries who use curse words in a positive context. It's quite refreshing. Besides, saying "Fuck" every once in a while can be highly therapeutic.

    And what is "real love" and "moral values"? Who decides what that is? Who has the final word? Or...maybe it's open for interpretation. Maybe it's different for everyone and the goal is not to try and get to some global common agreement - You can see where that's gotten us. Maybe the constrast is the real answer.

    P.S. I totally agree with Vincent sans the "lotsa sex" part because I'm a lady. *Curtsey* ;)
  • Hanne Jensen
    Hanne Jensen wrote:
    @ Hanzel: ur words cute as u r... 2012 is too far.. I am even not sure about tomorrow :)
    @Vincent & Rebecca, JiaYou... :)
  • Maggie Wang
    Maggie Wang wrote:
    respect around people, not self-fish
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Regarding the oft-cited "live each day as if it's your last" philosophy, my liver would like to have a word with you.

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